2nd Level Application Support Engineer

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Job Description

2 nd Level Application Support Engineer

We are looking for a experienced method technologist to articulation our increasing Equities business.

The level you volition beryllium looking aft is utilized by aggregate trading desks servicing a divers acceptable of clients and instruments.

As portion of the wider level squad you volition beryllium moving intimately Developers on with technical, investigation and investigating colleagues.

Investigation and solution of the enactment items astatine manus volition necessitate competent method skills and a keen intellect.

The concern is simply a maturation area, with existent investments taking spot successful each of the technology, concern and mediate bureau areas.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Monitor exertion components.
  • Global enactment and includes play availability to troubleshoot accumulation related issues and execute checkouts.
  • Expertise successful operating windows and Linux situation with bully bid implicit immoderate scripting connection specified arsenic Shell, Perl, Python, etc.
  • Knowledge of configuration Management systems specified arsenic Ansible.
  • Strong Knowledge of CI tools specified Bamboo oregon Jenkins.
  • Ability to enactment some independently and successful groups successful an energetic, divers environment.
  • Debugging the strategy and fixing the accumulation related issues.
  • Handles analyzable operational tasks and recommends process and exertion changes.
  • Build show tools for accumulation environments.
  • Expedient deployment of caller systems. Capacity readying and enactment for expanding volumes and concern growth.
  • Knowledge of networking and retention concepts.
  • Escalate / follow-up connected imperishable hole for improvement related issues.
  • Provide solutions for exertion automation.
  • Manage connection of strategy and exertion outages to the extremity users whenever required.
  • Resolve analyzable exertion and method problems.
  • Build, trial and instal bundle successful Dev, QA, Prod/DR environment.
  • Support analyzable efforts involving Analysis, Design, Development and investigating of assorted exertion components

Desired Experience/ Skills:

  • Bachelor's degree, preferably successful Computer Science, Engineering, oregon Mathematics
  • Previous vocation roles successful Support Analyst coupled with acquisition wrong the Financial manufacture astatine slightest 3+ yrs.
  • Expertise successful operating windows and Linux situation with bully bid implicit immoderate scripting connection specified arsenic Shell, Perl, Python, etc.
  • Basic cognition of infrastructure concepts.
  • Nice to recognize Devops tools specified Bamboo oregon Jenkins.
  • Hands-on acquisition successful enactment of a real-time trading environment.
  • Knowledge of enactment applications that usage high-performance messaging/middleware.
  • Strong analytical, and verbal and written connection skills.
  • Strong Knowledge of FIX protocol.
  • Java, C#, C++ improvement skills set, bully plus.

Personal Attributes

  • Good connection skills, including the quality to constitute clearly.
  • Able to relation efficaciously arsenic a subordinate of a team.
  • Proactive with respect to idiosyncratic and method development.

The presumption is based successful the City London.

The duration of this declaration is 12 months.

The complaint for this duty is circa £400 per day.

Please bash nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with you regular complaint successful GBP and availability.