3rd Level Cisco Support Analyst

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Job Description

About the Job

3 rd Line Cisco Support Analyst

We necessitate a 3 rd Level Cisco Support Analyst for our Client based successful Gloucester.

You indispensable person astatine slightest 2 to 3 years acquisition of supporting applications connected a Cisco level astatine 3 rd enactment act level.

Full knowing of the architectural and engineering plan and integration process of communications solutions.

Ability to multi-task, prioritizing aggregate objectives and initiatives.

Strong lawsuit work oriented and quality to interact with clients, staff, and absorption teams.

Good verbal and written concern connection skills.

Ability to enactment independently, with a precocious grade of initiative, and wrong a collaborative squad environment.

Strong organizational and clip absorption skills

The quality to instal and support analyzable solutions successful an ever evolving marketplace place, to occupation lick successful a logical mode successful bid to rectify lawsuit issues efficiently.

The responsibilities see processing the web plan successful conjunction with Product Management.

To instrumentality the web plan successful chosen locations.

Work with Product Management to plan the enactment processes and pass these retired to the enactment teams wrong Nine.

To enactment partners successful the implementation and enactment of their ain lawsuit installations including immoderate retired of hours connected telephone duty.

To show and support the hosted infrastructure and respond to and resoluteness immoderate faults that whitethorn originate utilizing diagnostic tools and vendor support.

Must person the pursuing skills:

  • Cisco, Microsoft, Linux and different applicable certifications
  • Server medication including Windows and Linux
  • Knowledge of dependable prioritization including QoS and VLANS
  • Proficient successful the cognition and absorption of routers and switches (qualified to CCNA oregon equivalent)
  • In-depth expertise successful VoIP protocols (SIP, RTP, TFTP and related Protocols) and transportation and enactment of dependable applications utilizing these technologies
  • Knowledge of IP based technologies, with an knowing of LAN/WAN methodologies and topologies arsenic a minimum.
  • Strong moving cognition of information communications including: TCP/UDP/IP, routing, tunneling,

Please guardant your CV to Click present to interaction this recruiter successful Word format, on with your wage expectations.