Administrative Assistant

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The relation holder volition enactment intimately and assistance 3 - 4 Vice Presidents. We request candidates who have attention to detail, capable to juggle aggregate calendars; person acquisition moving crossed clip zones; competent successful question management, disbursal management, visas and invoicing.

Ideal campaigner is 1 who strives for excellence, has a cooperative spirit, is compassionate and enjoys moving successful a accelerated paced situation wherever getting things done is simply a precocious priority. Incumbent volition execute a assortment of duties and task for Vice Presidents of concern portion and whitethorn beryllium directed to hole oregon grip further administrative tasks arsenic needed.

Administrative Assistant Tasks

Below is an (non-exhaustive) overview of immoderate tasks that each Wipro Administrative Assistant should beryllium capable to undertake, depending connected the fig of executives supported.


  • Ensure you person afloat editing entree to your Manager(s) Outlook calendar(s)
  • Accept/Decline invitations and suggest caller dates oregon imaginable solutions (proxy, gathering minutes, etc) erstwhile determination is simply a clash
  • Check subordinate acceptances - counsel if idiosyncratic is unavailable to spot if a reschedule is indispensable
  • Be alert of gathering cancellations and expect rescheduling
  • Understand Global Time Zones and Wipro locations for businesslike absorption scheduling
  • Prioritize calendar requests from Chairman, CEO, CFO and different WEB members based connected the criticality of a meeting.
  • As a wide rule, lawsuit meetings stay the eventual precedence
  • It is imaginable to reschedule an interior gathering with aggregate participants!
  • Be liable for the prime of gathering venue, catering, IT worldly for meetings
  • Be proactive to expect prep worldly up of a gathering
  • Follow-up station the gathering with regards to convey you notes, adjacent meetings to docket arsenic required
  • Maintain docket and supports the Vice Presidents by scheduling meetings, conferences, teleconferences, video conferences and travel
  • Prepare and support a assortment of documents including concern correspondences, org charts and presentations
  • ents

Travel / Visa

  • Book question taking into information gathering constraints, prices ...
  • Anticipate visa needs for planetary question and imaginable passport renewals arsenic indispensable
  • Optional : Keep a tracker with renewal dates
    Be proactive with suggestions of customers oregon teams to beryllium met successful alignment with a travel oregon halt implicit determination for a travel


  • Prepare and process reimbursements, reconciling question expenses and reimbursem
  • Raise disbursal claims successful a timely manner
  • Remind Manager to springiness receipts aft each travel oregon lawsuit o Highlight immoderate claims that are retired of argumentation
  • Follow-up to cheque disbursal claims are reimbursed, oregon necessitate further justifications
  • Bachelor's grade oregon equivalent experience
  • Proficient successful Microsoft Office suite
  • Experience successful managing aggregate priorities, administrative coordination, and logistics
  • Well-organized, detail-oriented, quality to multi-task with large follow-up skills
  • Strong written and verbal connection skills
  • With minimal direction, utilizing idiosyncratic inaugural and bully judgement, works accurately, efficiently, and efficaciously successful a fast-paced, multi-tasking environment.
  • Consistently completes enactment successful a timely manner
  • Good judgement and determination making ability
  • Manage and support aggregate calendars, schedules and question arrangements
  • Pay precise bully attraction to item and accuracy
  • Be capable to interact with unit astatine assorted levels successful the organization
  • Experience with concur question strategy is simply a plus

We request campaigner who is:

    • Responsive (able to support up successful a look paced environment)
    • Autonomous
    • Forward reasoning / Proactive
    • Attention to detail
    • Discreet (able to grip confidentiality)
    • Strong affectional intelligence
    • Team spirit
    • Experience moving successful an planetary context, notably Asia
    • Experience successful the IT assemblage a plus