Agile - Material Flow Leader - Trim & Final

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A starring premium automotive concern and starring to determination towards electrical autonomous vehicles.


This relation is an breathtaking accidental to articulation the Plant MP&L team.  Through our Linefeed Logistics we negociate the travel of parts from vehicle/material scheduling to transportation to line.

Plant MP&L is simply a challenging, lively, fast-paced and dynamic situation to enactment in.  Our cardinal focuses are driving flexible solutions and approaches to changing concern needs, driving our suppliers and LLP to find the resilience to guarantee portion proviso to line, creating, managing and delivering analyzable tract travel solutions and driving accuracy of information connected our systems.  Reporting and connection is immense portion of MP&L from fiscal to physique schedules to an idiosyncratic portion supply.

We are perpetually looking to amended and accommodate to thrust efficiencies and improvements crossed our logistics solutions to enactment the needs and requirements of manufacturing and Solihull tract goals.

Our Linefeed Logistics is an perfect accidental to usage the skills and acquisition you already person to enactment our absorption of driving transverse functional collaboration to present the concern outcomes.


Key Responsibilities, Skills & Knowledge:

  • Proven Logistics and / oregon Supply Chain experience
  • Ability to enactment with transverse functional agile squads
  • Excellent connection skills some verbal and written.
  • Worked arsenic portion of a task delivering cardinal actions oregon starring a project.
  • Understanding of banal absorption and banal logistic travel - either operational oregon strategy oregon both
  • Experience with basal origin analysis, identifying causes and solutions.  (8D/PPS etc)
  • Ability to place and present improvements
  • High level of self-motivation (Growth plan/Career Goals)
  • Customer absorption (internal and external)
  • Proven quality to multi-task and prioritise activities.
  • Computer literate and proficient successful Microsoft applications