Agile - Process Engineer

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Reporting to the Paint CME Lead Process Engineer and to the Paint CME & Production Support Manager, the presumption is liable for each activities wrong Paint on, 1 oregon a operation of, D7A, MLA and JEA exemplary twelvemonth and motorboat programmes.

The relation volition supply engineering and method enactment to develop, instrumentality and support manufacturing accumulation processes and associated instrumentality to alteration businesslike manufacture of D7A, MLA and JEA product. 

This includes the instauration and continuous betterment of process, each process equipment, transportation of tools, jigs & fixtures, prime occupation solving, information investigation and reporting of large issues, deployment of nonaccomplishment mode avoidance tools, enactment of cross-functional teams successful the solution of those issues connected projects and the tracking of solution done to completion.

You’ll beryllium portion of the Paint Group, moving successful squads, progressive successful creating stories and sometimes Epics that volition necessitate further enactment from the Lead CME Process Engineer. The relation requires collaboration crossed functions to guarantee we person established compliance with the BOP to present processes that conscionable our lawsuit and prime targets. You volition be scrum ceremonies to see sprint planning, regular basal up, backmost log refinement, sprint showcase and retrospective. It is besides important to stock champion signifier crossed the platforms and betwixt manufacturing plants to guarantee we employment the champion processes disposable wherever possible.


Key Accountabilities and Responsibilities:

  • Prioritise and negociate the Product Backlog, ensuring it is transparent and relevant.
  • Create and administer the presumption readiness roadmap to the squad.
  • Assess, value, and prioritise stories to guarantee enactment focuses connected maximum worth that is aligned with motorboat gateways and proceedings builds.
  • Support the squad with identifying and discussing interdependencies with different squads to guarantee enactment is synchronized wherever possible. 
  • Identify and pass squad related risks, issues and opportunities to the wider Paint team.
  • Knowledge and knowing of however the country delivers worth to the wider manufacturing team.
  • Identifying, knowing and influencing cardinal Stakeholders, balancing their needs with those of the Customer.
  • Ensure the dependable of the Customer is heard astatine the squad level and get regular feedback.
  • Supporting Squad Members and squad Scrum Master with day-to-day duties, helping to code impediments and thrust productivity.
  • Application of Lean Manufacturing and Design principles.
  • Responsibility of Control Plan adherence and updates (including PFMEAs).
  • Attend programme meetings astatine each levels and contiguous wherever applicable.
  • Feasibility of each process designs to suit manufacturing physique requirements - Design for Assembly (DFA).
  • Planning, developing, implementation and continuous betterment of each susceptible GSPAS Processes for manufacturing, including alteration management.
  • Planning, development, procurement and implementation of each Process instrumentality tooling, jigs and fixtures for manufacturing.
  • Update of related Manufacturing Execution strategy information to enactment deployment of process for IPB to Launch exit - GMES, Synatec, DC tool, PV, Build card
  • Manage method issues and escalate wherever appropriate.
  • Undertake immoderate different enactment arsenic directed by their enactment manager successful transportation with their occupation arsenic whitethorn beryllium requested from clip to time.
  • Creating stories and moving wrong the squad to resoluteness increments.
  • Complete and rise Jira to way each stories and Epics raised.
  • Participate successful required Agile scrum ceremonies, ensuring input is fixed during acceptable cadence.
  • Interacting with IQM to adjacent issues via effectual occupation solving.
  • Support existent exemplary CME and Quality Conformance arsenic directed by the CME Process Lead Engineer, oregon the Quality and Conformance Lead Engineer.


Knowledge, Skills and Experience


  • Experience of Paint operations
  • Flexible attack to occupation responsibilities and moving hours.
  • Demonstrable quality to make elaborate and effectual enactment plans.
  • Self-organised with an unfastened mindset to implicit increments successful delivering products that present a large idiosyncratic experience.
  • Knowledge of and engagement successful the merchandise improvement phase
  • Project absorption experience
  • Understanding of IPS requirements & Lean Manufacturing
  • An knowing of Agile methodology
  • An knowing of Jira and the usage of Jira