AI Product Owner

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AI Product Owner

At Centrica, our intent is to energise a greener, fairer future. Achieving this is made imaginable done our household of trusted brands and businesses.

Across the Centrica radical we person established a immense rudimentary information water comprising of UK & Ireland wide lawsuit and endeavor information for radical and our trusted businesses (British Gas, Bord Gais Energy, Centrica Business Solutions, Centrica Energy and Upstream). This information root presents a immense accidental to make important worth for our customers, for america to physique innovative products, supply caller services and amended the capabilities of our Centrica employees to thrust our travel arsenic we modulation towards NetZero. This is wherever you travel in.

We are looking for a highly skilled and motivated AI Product Owner to thrust the full merchandise lifecycle for AI/ML, data, and analytic products. You volition collaborate intimately with Data Scientists, ML/Data Engineers, concern leaders, privacy, Solution Architects, and outer tech providers to signifier and instrumentality the roadmap for AI/Analytic products.

This relation volition beryllium important successful ensuring alignment with the company's wider AI strategy and roadmap, arsenic good arsenic delivering high-quality products that conscionable the needs of our end-users. Your skills and acquisition volition marque a nonstop interaction connected our concern occurrence and this relation volition springiness you the accidental to beryllium portion of an innovative, collaborative and inclusive environment.

Location: You volition beryllium required to enactment retired of our London and Windsor offices astir 2 days per week.

About the Role:

  • Lead the merchandise ownership efforts for AI/ML, data, and analytic products, encompassing each stages of the merchandise lifecycle.

  • Collaborate intimately with Data Scientists, ML/Data Engineers, concern leaders, privacy, solution architects, and outer tech providers.

  • Maintain a beardown lawsuit focus, empathizing with users and profoundly knowing their needs.

  • Prioritize and instrumentality caller features, ensuring timely transportation and high-quality solutions.

  • Take ownership of projects and thrust outcomes with minimal supervision, seeking assistance erstwhile needed.

  • Demonstrate standout connection skills, adapting your attack based connected the audience, whether method oregon non-technical, interior oregon outer stakeholders.

  • Embrace a solution-oriented mindset, incorporating end-user feedback and commercialized requirements into merchandise development.

  • Stay abreast of manufacture trends, players, and products shaping the tech market, maintaining a beardown tech mindset.

About You:

  • Bachelor's oregon precocious grade successful a applicable tract specified arsenic Computer Science, economics, oregon engineering.

  • Product ownership expertise with proven acquisition successful each stages of the merchandise lifecycle for AI/ML, data, and analytics.

  • Proficiency successful AI methodologies, instrumentality learning models, and technologies to facilitate effectual connection and strategical decision-making.

  • Ability to recognize analyzable datasets for insights, driving data-driven decisions and optimization of AI models.

  • Proficiency successful evaluating AI/Analytic performance, identifying trends, and extracting actionable insights from information analysis.

  • Strong enactment to animate cross-functional teams, foster collaboration, and thrust palmy AI merchandise initiatives.

  • Awareness of ethical implications successful AI, ensuring fairness, transparency, and accountability passim the merchandise lifecycle.

  • Proactive recognition and mitigation of risks, ensuring palmy AI merchandise transportation portion maintaining prime and stakeholder satisfaction.

What's successful it for you:

If this sounds similar a bully lucifer for your skills, acquisition and what you're looking for arsenic a adjacent step, we'd emotion to perceive from you! In return, we volition connection you:

  • Competitive wage and bonus potential.

  • Employee Energy Allowance astatine 15% of the authorities terms cap.

  • Pension scheme.

  • Company Funded Healthcare Plan.

  • 25 days vacation allowance, positive nationalist holidays, and the enactment to bargain up to 5 further days.

  • Excellent scope of flexible benefits, including exertion vouchers, electrical car lease strategy & question insurance.

  • Colleague-led networks which purpose to empower & enactment colleagues from underrepresented groups.

Our customers travel from each walks of life, and truthful bash we. We prosecute large radical from a wide assortment of backgrounds, not conscionable due to the fact that it's the close happening to do, but due to the fact that it makes our institution stronger. We volition proceed to champion inclusivity, make aboriginal skills and put successful our section communities to make a better, much sustainable world, for everyone.