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Premium Job From IC Resources

IC Resources is moving with a lawsuit who is searching for an Analog / CAD technologist based successful Paris, with wide acquisition moving with CAD, PDKs and Analog plan flow. 

Applicants indispensable beryllium capable to enactment connected tract astatine slightest 2 days per week successful PARIS, France. 


  • Analog/ CAD Experience. 
  • Support the Front-End and Back-End plan teams with EDA tools. 
  • Strong acquisition with Cadence and Synopsys tools. 
  • Mentor Graphics acquisition is desirable.
  • Experience moving connected the Design Flow maintenance. 
  • Experience installing and supporting PDKs. 
  • Experience moving connected the workstation medication with RedHat Enterprise Linux
  • Strong acquisition moving connected Layout, DRC/LVS with Calibre. 
  • Experience arsenic EDA enactment is KEY. 

A premix of tract and distant working; slightest 2 days per week connected site.

12 period rolling contract. 

If you are funny oregon would similar much information, delight get successful interaction with Imogen Hunter

Contact Name: Imogen Hunter

Reference: TJ/801/V-196115

Job ID: 3313116


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