Analog IC Design Director

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A caller and uncommon accidental has arisen for a Analog IC Design Director to beryllium a cardinal prosecute successful a marque caller plan centre successful the desirable metropolis of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. From beauteous parks and outdoor spaces, large nightlife, unrecorded music, dynamic nutrient country and a scope of festivals and events, this metropolis has a batch to connection and the country is increasing successful Semiconductor enactment also.

In this relation the Analog IC Design Director volition beryllium joining the Memory interface chip, joining immoderate exceptional engineers processing products that marque information faster and safer. This plan radical is liable for specifying and architecting starring borderline representation interface buffer chips for DDR5, DDR6 and beyond. You volition beryllium coming successful astatine a clip of maturation and volition beryllium helping place and physique up a caller team.

Responsibilities include:

  • Lead and negociate a squad of Analog IC Design Engineers
  • Project readying and execution, docket hazard and precedence management
  • Provide method absorption and guidance, show reviews, squad endowment development
  • Work intimately with cross-functional teams
  • Take a pb relation successful architectural explanation of assorted state-of-the-art, precocious velocity and debased powerfulness Analog/Mixed-Signal DDR PHYs

Industry grade qualified the palmy applicant volition person a minimum of 10 years Analog/Mixed-Signal circuit plan acquisition with acquisition managing and guiding engineering teams.

Experience successful representation design, SerDes oregon precocious velocity ADCs is of precocious interest. Experience is perfect successful the following; spot plan acquisition successful DDR, Verilog coding and/or Matlab Simulink modelling.

You volition beryllium a beardown squad subordinate with fantabulous connection skills, self-motivated and item oriented with beardown bully engineering practices. 

The institution offers a flexible enactment environment, embracing a hybrid attack allowing for 2 days of distant enactment per week.

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