Analog IC Designer - High Speed

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Analog IC Design Engineer - Munich

This is simply a accidental for a Senior Analog IC Designer to articulation a Global Semiconductor institution based successful Munich to enactment connected the plan of ultra-high-speed Analog/Mixed-Signal ICs for optical connection systems, including ADCs/data converters, drivers, TIAs, and clocking.

In this role, you volition beryllium liable for strategy oregon block-level specification breakdown, plan constraints, and investigating solutions for antithetic circuit blocks oregon modules. Cooperating with fabrication process engineering squad to amended the instrumentality show and guarantee IC quality, reliability and yield. The requirements of the Analog IC Design Engineer include:

  • Industry grade qualified the palmy applicant volition person acquisition successful Analog IC Design ideally precocious velocity oregon High Frequency/RF IC Design experience.
  • Strong circuit plan acquisition is required successful precocious CMOS, BiCMOS, SiGe, GaAs oregon HBT processes. Familiarity with semiconductor fabrication processes including SiGe BiCMOS, CMOS and compound HBTs is highly desired.
  • Excellent connection skills successful English are required on with the quality to amusement initiative.

For much information, interaction Molly Watkins astatine IC Resources!