Analog Mixed Signal Design Engineer

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I americium recruiting an Analog Mixed Signal Designer to articulation an expanding organisation successful the Grenoble area.
Responsibilities volition see but are not constricted to:

  • Strategically breaks down plan projects into manageable tasks, ensuring businesslike workflow.
  • Establishes and adheres to realistic deadlines for each task, demonstrating committedness to achieving task milestones.
  • Actively engages and contributes invaluable insights during task meetings, fostering effectual collaboration.
  • Delivers concise and proactive survey reports connected task status, addressing issues, risks, and enactment requirements proactively.
  • Monitors and assesses advancement against planned workload, promptly implementing corrective measures for immoderate discrepancies.
  • Conducts circuit simulations with precision, ensuring the accuracy of the designed circuits.
  • Validates Front-End circuits astatine some schematic and netlist levels done meticulous backmost annotation.
  • Collaborates seamlessly with the Place & Route Engineer to warrant the timely transportation of plan files, blocks, and modules.
  • Develops broad and meticulous plan documentation, ensuring clarity and completeness.
  • Provides indispensable enactment to the validation squad during the captious sensor trial implementation phase.

I americium looking for idiosyncratic with the pursuing attributes:

  • Holds an engineering grade successful electronics oregon IT industrial.
  • Some expertise successful InfraRed/CMOS representation sensors.
  • Demonstrates proficiency successful some integer and analog design, showcasing versatile skills without requiring exclusive expertise successful either domain.
  • Adopts a structured and methodical attack to work, ensuring precision and ratio successful each task.
  • Exhibits beardown interpersonal skills and a collaborative squad spirit, demonstrating the quality to enactment colleagues and efficaciously stock method knowledge.
  • Remains unfastened to self-reflection and embraces constructive feedback, fostering a committedness to continuous improvement.
  • Possesses fluent English connection skills; proficiency is important for seamless communication.

If you would similar to research this accidental further, delight interaction Parm Shergill.

Contact Name: Parmeet Shergill

Reference: TJ/801/V-194320

Job ID: 3312217