Analog-Mixed Signal Verification Engineer

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Analog Mixed-Signal Verification Engineer needed for analyzable Analog Mixed Signal ICs for autonomous driving oregon the latest information systems + accidental to advancement to squad pb + large wage bundle successful Germany! Flexible moving hours and location bureau are offered.

As an AMS Verification Engineer moving successful the planetary ASIC Development squad of a wide known supplier of the automotive manufacture you volition beryllium liable for AMS Verification of functional blocks astatine module and apical level from pre-silicon verification, specified arsenic the instauration of verification environments and the implementation of self-checking directed and random tests arsenic good arsenic instauration of procedures for automation and tracking. Your tasks volition further see improvement and implementation of behaviour models successful Verilog- / VHDL-AMS successful adjacent practice with the plan groups to accelerate the AMS simulation.

As the palmy AMS Verification Engineer and being manufacture grade qualified with precise bully marks you person manufacture acquisition successful Analog Mixed Signal IC Design.

If you would similar to find retired much astir this opportunity, interaction Molly Watkins!

Contact Name: Molly Watkins

Reference: TJ/801/V-193914

Job ID: 3312272


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