Application Architect

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Role : Azure Devops

Location: Warwick, UK

The company: Wipro is an breathtaking enactment to enactment for. We ranked arsenic a "Top Employer" arsenic portion of the Top Employer Institute yearly listings. We were assessed connected respective cardinal HR practices including Diversity and Inclusion. This is accompanied by breathtaking concern maturation successful the past six-quarters.

Proficiency successful Azure Platform Engineering utilizing Terraform for Infrastructure arsenic Code with deployment done Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline.

  • Experience successful starring a Devops improvement team.
  • Good communication, lawsuit absorption skills.
  • Experience successful moving connected Project program and strategy plan.
  • While Terraform volition beryllium utilized for Infrastructure arsenic Code, galore Azure resources request to beryllium created utilizing the Azure DevOps CI/CD pipelines, wherever it volition beryllium captious to guarantee due linting, modularity, mistake handling, logging and bundle oregon module/library dependency management.
  • Git acquisition with champion practices utilizing Azure DevOps Repos
  • Experience of moving successful an agile methodology and person the quality to reappraisal the codification during the propulsion request.
  • Knowledge of the provisioning and usage of work principals, Azure roles based entree controls and the usage of Identities is preferred.
  • Experience successful CI/CD pipeline improvement utilizing Terraform,  PowerShell, ARM, Json and YAML is mandatory to deploy the assets arsenic infrastructure arsenic a code.
  • Experience successful Deployment of Policies, Networking, Monitoring, Firewall, VPN, backstage DNS and different Azure services (PaaS/IaaS) utilizing Azure DevOps CI/CD YAML scripting is preferred.
  • Experience implementing continuous integration/deployment tools and practices would beryllium preference.
  • Azure Infrastructure cognition and acquisition required to pass connected champion practices and contiguous connected options investigation with recommendations connected attack if required.
  • Good knowing of unreality information champion signifier and information compliance. Proficiency successful unreality DevOps/platform engineering and large-scale unrecorded services.  
  • Excellent communicator successful person, In summation acquisition successful  energy assemblage domain would beryllium a bonus.
  • Ability to adapt, alteration and turn rapidly arsenic we standard the organization.

Required Tools & Technologies:  Azure, Azure DevOps, Terraform, ARM, PowerShell, Visual Studio Code/Any Code editor/IDE, Open root terraform module, codification review, merging and testing.

Benefits: You volition person a competitory salary, a generous benefits package, training, and development, arsenic good arsenic an breathtaking vocation wrong a accelerated paced and dynamic business. The benefits include;

  • Contributory pension
  • Extra vacation purchase
  • Life security policy
  • Private aesculapian insurance

Equal Opportunities: Wipro is an advocator for affirmative alteration and conscious inclusion. As a planetary employer, we strive to make a divers Wipro household by remaining committed to the improvement of our culture, diversity, equality, and inclusion successful the workplace. All applicants welcome.