Applications and Fluidics Engineer

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A operation of fluidics, electronics and mechanical engineering

This is an fantabulous accidental to usage your skills and cognition of fluidics, mechanical engineering and hardware trial to marque an important interaction connected the improvement of a institution and its products. 

You volition play an important relation successful ensuring the company's products conscionable the needs of imaginable and existent clients. Excellent connection skills volition beryllium cardinal arsenic it volition beryllium indispensable for you to summation a bully knowing of each client's peculiar requirements, and assistance them to measure and successfully follow the merchandise into their systems. You volition besides beryllium liable for creating and investigating merchandise demonstrators, arsenic good arsenic creating grooming worldly and exertion notes.

Along with a bully Bachelor's grade successful an engineering oregon technological taxable that has included the survey of fluidics, you volition need:

  • Full, existing rights to enactment successful the UK without clip limit
  • Skills successful fluidic strategy analysis, design, simulation and trial (using tools specified arsenic SolidWorks Flow, ANSYS oregon COMSOL)
  • Experience of electro-mechanical-fluidic strategy design, arsenic good arsenic mechanical plan utilizing SolidWorks
  • Comfort with accelerated prototyping utilizing 3D printing, machining and different methods
  • Good skills with integrating exertion solutions and validation trial systems into electronics hardware
  • Experience with programming hardware with firmware to tally bundle tests for exertion setups and merchandise demonstrators, ideally utilizing 1 oregon much of Python, C, C++, C#, WPF and Labview,
  • Excellent connection skills and to beryllium comfy moving straight with clients.

We are peculiarly funny if you besides person cognition oregon acquisition of the following:

  • Silicon-MEMS exertion and semiconductor/MEMS packaging.

A highly competitory remuneration bundle is available, including assistance with relocation costs, a backstage aesculapian plan, beingness security and bonuses.

Keywords: Fluidics, Sensors, Cambridge, Hardware Test, SolidWorks, Fluidic Systems Analysis, Firmware, Validation and Test, MEMS.

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