ASIC Project Manager

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My lawsuit is seeking a dynamic and experienced ASIC Project Manager to articulation their ASIC plan team, moving connected innovative automotive solutions. As an ASIC Project Manager, you volition play a important relation successful managing analyzable improvement projects from acquisition to bid ramp-up.

This is simply a large accidental for a Project Manager with a method inheritance successful the semiconductor abstraction to articulation a planetary business.


  • Manage and pb internationally distributed task teams, overseeing projects of a departmental scale.
  • Act arsenic the superior typical of the task to some customers and management, ensuring effectual connection and alignment.
  • Take work for task goals and fund management, actively addressing risks and facilitating indispensable escalations.
  • Collaborate seamlessly with plan and improvement departments, fostering an fantabulous moving situation for task success.
  • Engage with interior and outer improvement and foundry partners connected a planetary scale.


  • Proven acquisition successful managing analyzable ASIC improvement projects wrong the automotive industry.
  • Strong enactment skills with the quality to pb planetary task teams effectively.
  • Excellent connection and interpersonal skills for representing projects to customers, management, and assorted stakeholders.
  • Solid fiscal acumen to negociate task budgets and actively mitigate risks.
  • Collaborative mindset with the capableness to enactment alongside plan and improvement departments.
  • Familiarity with planetary improvement and foundry partners.

If you are funny successful discussing this ASIC Project Manager relation further delight interaction Emily Jones.

Contact Name: Emily Jones

Reference: TJ/801/V-194458

Job ID: 3312189


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