Associate Finance Data Analyst

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Associate Finance Data Analyst

Centrica Energy is the trading limb of Centrica. We commercialized LNG, gas, powerfulness and vigor attributes - and link autarkic producers, suppliers and firm off-takers successful the wholesale vigor markets.

We are recruiting for an Associate Finance Data Analyst to enactment wrong our commodity trading concern focused connected providing enactment to the Finance Managers to make worth by improving the prime of information for reporting and guarantee transportation of the highest fiscal payment astatine an acceptable level of risk. The relation volition guarantee the proviso of robust fiscal information structures and outputs for reporting, analysis, readying and forecasts to the concern and Group. The relation volition enactment arsenic portion of the halfway concern teams, facilitating enactment and cognition transportation wherever required betwixt the technology, information and wider concern teams.

This is simply a relation successful which we are capable to make highly skilled accountants with adept information capabilities. There volition beryllium a important magnitude of grooming and improvement successful some accounting and information science.

Location - London

The Role:

  • Ensure close information successful the reporting platform.

  • Develop prototypes of reconciliations and reporting for fiscal control, merchandise power and concern facing reporting and power needs.

  • Develop heavy knowing of information flows from trading level done to radical reporting.

  • Assist successful the plan and improvement of optimal reporting solutions.

  • Ensure alignment of dashboarding, reconciliation and reporting information usage with finance

  • Maintain wide self-service information situation for usage by wider concern teams.

  • Support Product Owner successful prioritisation of IT enhancements.

  • Develop afloat knowing of commercialized lifecycle and bookings.

  • Develop heavy knowing of merchandise control, fiscal power and readying and investigation processes and information needs.

  • Develop implicit knowing of existing reporting dashboards and processes.

  • Willingness to undertake accounting qualifications.

The Person

  • Bachelor's grade wrong finance, economics oregon similar

  • Analytical skills and proficient successful Excel

  • Focused connected accuracy and details regarding information for interfaces, APIs, journals, commercialized details, meta information and pricing data.

  • Able to enactment efficiently successful a dynamic situation and beryllium comfy managing aggregate tasks astatine once.

  • Ability to enactment nether unit and present connected strict deadline.

  • Focussed connected operational risks and the relation you play to minimize incidents.

  • Keen to make expertise successful vigor trading crossed UK, and EU markets.

  • Interest successful processing information subject tools and approaches.

  • Ability to interact crossed the organisation.

  • Able to initiate amended controls and faster moving methods.

  • Committed to a vocation successful Finance & control.

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