Audio SW Test Engineer

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My lawsuit is simply a marketplace person and a globally respected marque successful the plan and improvement of audio devices and technology. They’re presently looking to prosecute an experienced Audio Software Test Engineer to articulation their test/QA squad to absorption connected delivering the adjacent procreation of their products.

This squad focuses connected manual and automated investigating for each bundle - mobile apps, web, middleware, embedded and firmware.

You volition beryllium liable for the investigating of merchandise bundle and people instrumentality applications. Working from archetypal bundle specifications you volition make and tally trial plans for lawsuit acceptance testing, spouse compliance, supporting software
releases into production.

With a minimum of 2 years Audio trial experience, ideally focused connected manual testing, your relation volition beryllium to make manual bundle trial plans and instrumentality them, moving intimately with the sw improvement teams. You volition besides place automated trial opportunities and beryllium progressive successful improvement and implementation.

Audio bundle acquisition trial is indispensable for this role.

Python scripting acquisition would beryllium ideal.

Manual instrumentality investigating would besides beryllium useful.

They connection hybrid moving (3 days a week successful the office), truthful you volition request to unrecorded wrong commutable region of their offices.

Relocation assistance is connected offer

If this relation sounds of interest, delight interaction Matt Andrews astatine IC Resources