Azure Cloud Architect

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Job Description

Cloud Architect Azure

Our Client is looking to enlistee a Cloud Architect with Azure to enactment connected a caller project.

Key responsibilities -

Work arsenic advisor/consultant to the lawsuit connected extremity to extremity travel to Azure.

Assessment of on-premises infra landscape, exertion rationalization and urge strategy, roadmap and structured program for migration to Azure.

Develop complex, extremity to end, endeavor standard solutions for migration to Azure.

Develop and reappraisal method architecture plan and urge Azure champion practices

Customer facing relation to pb & enactment successful architectural discussions and plan workshops.

Provide solutions captious issues identified migration to Azure.

Design & make innovative solutions, optimization solutions and automation solutions for build, engineer, migrate and run connected Azure.

Required Experience -

10-15 years of full experience.

5+ years of acquisition successful Azure with minimum 3 years arsenic Architect.

Should person exposure/experience gathering Accelerators, frameworks, and IPs for Cloud.

CI/CD acquisition is required

Docker, Kubernetes, IAC tools(Terraform/Cloudformation/ARM templates), Configuration Management tools(Chef/Puppet/Ansible) cognition and acquisition is required.

Expert successful Azure Web Apps, Logic Apps, API Gateway, Application Gateways, VM Scale-sets, DB-PaaS, Azure Service Bus, Event Hubs and Notification Hubs for multi-tenant environments.

Experience connected Assessment - Discovery, Dependency Mapping, Wave planning, migration program

Experience connected Mass Migrations with migration processes, mill exemplary & migration toolsets.

Experience connected Cloud operations - Monitoring management, governance, compliance, and security.

Proficiency successful unreality adoption frameworks.

Good understating connected Transformational and Optimization projects related to Cloud.

Advance level Certification [AZ-303 & AZ-304] connected Azure is required.

Strong cognition of Cloud related tools connected automation and optimizations.

Excellent connection & presumption skills with sizeable vulnerability successful Client facing role.

Ability to found bully moving relationships with interior and outer stakeholders and collaborate to thrust a larger exertion initiative/program.

Excellent enactment skills, attraction to details and quality to multi-task

The Client is based successful Geneva Switzerland - but the relation volition beryllium distant from anyplace successful Europe with meetings successful idiosyncratic from clip to time.

Rate volition beryllium babelike connected experience.

Duration volition beryllium 6 to 12 months.

Do nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with your regular complaint and availability.