Backend Developer

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Join a pioneering Computer Vision/AI exertion institution located extracurricular of Paris (Boulogne-Billancourt) arsenic a Backend Developer. Hybrid working, paying up to €65,000 positive benefits.

Are you passionate astir real-time analytics, machine vision, and planetary deployment of innovative technologies? Here's your accidental to beryllium portion of a dynamic squad pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

As a Backend Developer, you'll beryllium liable for scaling the inheritance which is captious to fueling continued maturation crossed my clients portfolio of well-known brands.

Backend Developer Requirement:

  • Experience with Python and it’s frameworks (Django, Flask, FastAPI oregon Bottle).
  • Experience with REST API services.
  • Proficienty with PostgreSQL oregon my SQL.
  • Fluency successful English and French.

If you are looking for immoderate different accusation oregon would similar to person an exploratory chat, delight use present oregon interaction Paula Kastrouni.

We person a fig of different positions crossed antithetic industries and locations disposable too!