Business Analyst Canary Wharf London

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Job Description

We necessitate a Business Analyst for this integer project.

You indispensable person astatine slightest 3 to 5 proven tack arsenic a Business Analyst with the pursuing skills:

The relation volition beryllium moving with merchandise owners and different cardinal stakeholders to place betterment opportunities, scope merchandise deliveries and solutions, and power the precedence of transportation against strategical objectives and co-existent method solutions. You volition person acquisition successful starring the investigation of analyzable concern systems to enactment organizational change, including the migration of users and information betwixt systems. You volition beryllium capable to show the quality to construe analyzable concern processes to method solutions.


Must have:

   •   Digital publishing inheritance and acquisition of contented absorption systems and processes.

   •   Hands-on acquisition moving successful an agile situation managing the recognition and transportation of projects and bundle solutions utilizing Scrum.

   •   Leading requirements gathering and explanation workshops for functional and non-functional requirements.

   •   Writing idiosyncratic stories and defining acceptance criteria with merchandise owners.

   •   Grooming merchandise backlogs and prioritizing features and idiosyncratic stories into releases with the merchandise owner.

   •   Analysis of existing concern behaviour and concern systems to place concern process, actors and systems arsenic good arsenic opportunities for improvement.

   •   Supporting the instauration and presumption of concern cases, concern worth realization documents and task initiation briefs.

   •   Supporting the merchandise proprietor successful explaining idiosyncratic stories to method teams, supporting solution plan and resolving clarifications with the merchandise owner.

   •   Demonstrating idiosyncratic stories to merchandise proprietor and stakeholders.

   •   Defining, starring and undertaking idiosyncratic and acceptance testing, including cognition of methods for designing strategy acceptance and trial approaches. Knowledge and acquisition of trial driven improvement and behaviour driven improvement an advantage.

   •   Working with and managing relationships with 3rd enactment merchandise and services vendors.

   •   Working and coordinating crossed teams of section and distant concern users successful a precocious pressured, clip delicate environment.

   •   Working with section and distant method teams with a operation of in-house and spouse resources.

   •   Leading different concern analysts to execute task and concern objectives.

Nice to have:

   •   Scrum maestro experience.

   •   Risk, issue, dependency and presumption recognition and management.

   •   Analysis of concern accusation patterns, information investigation and information modelling.

   •   Working with idiosyncratic acquisition designers to present end-user focused benefits realization.

   •   Financial services inheritance with acquisition successful commodities markets.


   •   Self-starter capable to enactment to execute objectives with minimum direction.

   •   Comfortable moving independently arsenic good arsenic successful a team.

   •   Requirements analysis, usage lawsuit design, idiosyncratic communicative creation.

   •   Business process modelling and investigation (e. g. Value watercourse mapping, worth chain, UML, EPC, BPMN, SWOT, 5 whys).

   •   Process betterment methods (e.g. Lean Six Sigma).

   •   Experience with agile workflow tools (e.g. VersionOne).

   •   Excellent verbal and written connection skills, with acquisition presenting astatine each levels of an organization.

   •   Ability to power and negociate crossed the organization.

   •   Knowledge of the task lifecycle.

   •   Knowledge of the bundle transportation lifecycle.

   •   Relationship absorption with 3rd enactment bundle suppliers.

   •   Familiarity and / oregon acquisition with mockup tools (e.g. Balsamiq).

   •   Project absorption acquisition (PRINCE2).

   •   Proficient usage of Microsoft Office & Visio.

This is simply a 3 to 6 period declaration based successful Canary Wharf London.

Please nonstop your CV to america successful Word format.