Business Analyst - Insurance (Healthcare Modernisation)

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Business Analyst - Insurance Health Modernisation

Wipro is an breathtaking enactment to enactment for. In our archetypal twelvemonth entering, we ranked arsenic a "Top Employer" arsenic portion of the Top Employer Institute yearly listings, and we were assessed connected several cardinal HR practices including People Strategy, Work Environment, Talent Acquisition, Learning and Development, Wellbeing and Diversity and Inclusion.

Banking and Financial Services is an country of strategical value to Wipro, and we are poised to turn importantly successful Europe enabling our customers with integer transformation, unreality adoption and different captious integer initiatives. As a trusted partner, we alteration our customers follow integer ways of moving done IT and process transformations, summation agility and optimise outgo done unreality adoption, automation and AI and thrust effectual information solutions.

We enactment intimately with our strategical spouse ecosystem to adhd worth to our customers though innovation and maximising worth of existing oregon planned investments and assets. We bash this done our unsocial blend of outside-in translation and wrong retired translation underpinned by portfolio of integer services and domain capabilities.  

Purpose of the role:

We are Insurance and Life Insurance taxable substance adept and proposal proviso and understand the security concern from an extremity to extremity position - applicable lines of business, security products, processes, information used, systems, applications and infrastructure - each of the applicable exertion scenery - including immoderate 3rd enactment suppliers and providers that the concern is babelike connected proviso of analytical and occupation solving; deliberation ‘out of the box’ for improvements.

We are moving connected Health Modernisation Programme with 1 of the largest UK insurers and request a elder Business Analyst to enactment connected ample standard multi-year modulation Insurance Finance

Business Analyst duties:

  • Requirements and scope capture,
  • Understanding and mapping of security processes, ways of working, worth chain,
  • Crafting of concern requirements documents,
  • Collection of information astir an organisation’s operations to amended its systems and processes,
  • Process mapping the level required and agreed with the lawsuit - but truthful overmuch truthful that these tin beryllium developed wrong the scope, clip and fund agreed,
  • Identifying problems and opportunities for alteration with the existent concern model, enabling processes, information and technology,
  • Options improvement and recommendations to institution management,
  • Analysing the imaginable interaction connected the concern of recommendations and creating concern cases,
  • Planning, processing and proviso of interaction investigation to technology- systems, infrastructure, applications, accelerators successful enactment with lawsuit needs, and solution imperatives,
  • Provide enactment and enablement services to the concern to assistance them make concern requirements and plan (including mock-ups, wireframes, usage cases, demos, mock information etc),
  • Act arsenic a lawsuit proxy for the improvement squad during the improvement rhythm of circumstantial products,
  • Analyse caller alteration needs, alteration requests, caller requirements from 3rd parties and customers/clients,
  • Translate requirements into functional and non-functional (performance) specifications,
  • Develop BRDs - and different concern requirements documentation arsenic indispensable with process, information and strategy mapping astatine required levels and layers,
  • Design and item of idiosyncratic stories to a constituent wherever developers and method teams tin recognize them, tin make them into their method requirements through, conversations with the business, stakeholders and developers,

Keys Skills oregon Experience:

  • Senior BA with a inheritance successful translation oregon modernisation, ideally from the Life Insurance sector,  
  • Understanding of security processes, ways of working, worth concatenation etc,
  • Excellent written and oral communication,
  • Facilitation skills and capable to program and behaviour workshops,
  • Good Stakeholder Management skills,
  • Self-starter, proactive, independently enactment and beryllium responsible,
  • Knowledge of Agile, Scrum and Kanban, Jira and confluence, conception of relation of BA successful an Agile project 
  • Ability to enactment successful a squad but besides enactment independently erstwhile required,
  • Ability to rapidly recognize the Business processes and representation them out,
  • Excellent presumption skills/ ocular representations


As the palmy applicant you volition person a competitory salary, a generous benefits bundle and grooming & improvement successful areas to assistance you improve.

Equal Opportunities:

Wipro is an Equal Employment Opportunity leader and makes each employment and employment-related decisions without respect to a person's race, sex, nationalist origin, ancestry, disability, intersexual orientation, oregon immoderate different presumption protected by applicable law.

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