Business Development Executive

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Job Description

Business Development Executive

We are looking for an experienced Business Development Executive to articulation our telesales team.

The Company produces reports for a assortment of industries including Automotive and Pharmaceutical.

Based successful Croydon operates an informal affable situation with precocious squad assurance arsenic being portion of a palmy business.

As a institution we are keen connected the maturation and improvement of our radical and promote innovative ideas, peculiarly with income and marketing.

The perfect campaigner volition person astatine slightest 3 years' acquisition and occurrence successful a akin environment, indispensable person precise bully written and verbal connection skills and person immoderate ceremonial income grooming and bully cognition of Workbooks CRM oregon similar.

Being comfy closing caller clients is important.

A 2nd connection would beryllium an vantage but not essential. A consciousness of humour is essential.

In instrumentality we connection a competitory starting salary- reviewed astatine slightest annually- with show related benefits successful the signifier of committee and yearly nett related bonus, flexible enactment schedules (hybrid bureau and WFH days, flexible commencement and decorativeness hours).

Salary volition beryllium successful the scope £20K - £30K + Benefits.

The Client is based successful Croydon South London

Please dos extremity your CV to america successful Word format on with you wage and availability.