Business Risk Modeller - Senior

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Create analytics to assistance companies marque the modulation to a sustainable future

Are you a hazard modeller looking for a alteration from the concern sector? Maybe you person played an important relation successful shaping biology argumentation for companies, oregon possibly you person studied clime modelling and person a bully appreciation for implications for businesses. If so, a palmy Cambridge based company, astatine the forefront of predicting and readying for systemic events could beryllium an perfect adjacent determination for you.

You would beryllium researching and moving connected modulation hazard models: estimating the costs of accrued c pricing and regulation; assessing liabilities arising from past emissions oregon looking astatine marketplace risks from changing user preferences and capitalist priorities. Other areas include: exertion risks from disruptive innovation, and estimation risks affecting customers and counterparties. Or your enactment could see processing carnal hazard models: quantifying the costs of concern disruption from changing patterns of utmost weather, based connected investigation of planetary circulation models and earthy catastrophe analytics.

In this elder position, you volition assistance signifier the strategy of the analytics squad and use your existing cognition crossed quality and clime to physique the adjacent procreation of data-driven models.

Attributes and experience:

  • An MSc oregon PhD successful a mathematical, engineering oregon science-based subject, specified arsenic Natural Sciences, Engineering, Maths, oregon Economics from a Russell Group university
  • Good competency successful modelling languages specified arsenic Python, R, MATLAB, SQL oregon C++
  • An involvement successful concern hazard and absorption science
  • The quality to rapidly probe marque caller topics, sourcing accusation and organising and interpreting datasets
  • Commercial acquisition involving presenting analyzable method accusation efficaciously to non-specialists, and communicating insights and analyses to teammates and clients alike

Ideally, large candidates volition besides show:

  • Relevant acquisition successful exemplary improvement (e.g. earthy catastrophe modelling, firm fiscal valuation, macroeconomic modelling)
  • Skills successful moving with GIS systems specified arsenic Quantum GIS and/or programmatic GIS specified arsenic GeoPy oregon Spatial SQL
  • In-depth knowing of institution c accounting and interaction assessments, and sustainability reporting frameworks specified arsenic TCFD, CSRD, etc.

Full support to unrecorded and enactment successful the UK without clip limit, regularisation oregon sponsorship volition besides beryllium required, arsenic our lawsuit cannot connection sponsorship.

The institution is situated adjacent to the main Cambridge railway station, successful modern well-equipped offices, which bespeak the energetic vibe of this start-up. Hybrid moving is besides disposable for 1 oregon 2 days a week.

Keywords: Risk Management, Cambridge, Quantitative Analyst, Maths Modelling, Climate Modelling, Natural Catastrophe Modelling, Data Science, Python, Economics, Transition Modelling

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