C# Dot Net with SQL Server Developer

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C# Dot Net Developer with Classic ASP - Waterloo London

We are looking to enlistee a C# Dot Net Developer for a Client based astatine Waterloo London.

You indispensable person astatine slightest 1 to 3 years acquisition of bundle improvement with the following:




You volition person .NET oregon MVC acquisition astir surely could enactment successful classic-ASP.

In summation you indispensable person acquisition of MS SQL Server.

The Client produces surveys which are each managed in-house utilizing their ain survey programming model written successful classic-ASP.

The model enables the squad to make a caller survey precise rapidly and efficiently, with a precocious grade of customisation and precocious features, (including successful different languages) and people real-time results via an online reporting platform.

Salary volition beryllium connected level of acquisition - £25-£30K for a inferior developer and up to £40K with astatine slightest 5 years experience.

Please nonstop your CV to Click present to interaction this recruiter successful Word format, on with your wage expectations and availability.