C# .Net Applications Software Developer - Gloucestershire

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Job Description

Job Description

C# .Net Applications Software Developer - Gloucestershire

We necessitate a Web Applications Software Developer with acquisition of design, improvement and investigating of web-based bundle and Windows/Web Services to payment services and processes.

The palmy applicant volition liaise with different members of the Development squad regarding implementation of specifications and requirements.

You volition beryllium providing regular updates connected advancement and actively participating successful bi-weekly Agile planning/review meetings.

Skills Required for this relation are arsenic follows:

   •   Positive cognition

   •   "Extra mile" enactment ethic.

   •   Commitment to Excellence and Continual Improvement ethos.

   •   Calmness nether pressure.

   •   Pro-active ethos.

   •   Ability to enactment successfully successful a team.

   •   Methodical and disciplined successful attack to improvement tasks. You indispensable person the pursuing acquisition and skills:

   •   Experience of processing web-based applications and services.

   •   Practical and proven cognition of 1 oregon much of the pursuing languages: ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, TSQL.

   •   Ability to make robust codification to execute agreed requirements.

   •   Ability to travel a specification and to instrumentality it successful code.

The Client is based successful Gloucestershire.

Please nonstop your CV to Click present to interaction this recruiter successful Word format, on with your wage expectations.