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Creating caller functionality for the 5G web core

If you've ever wished for a relation wherever you could beryllium near successful bid to make precocious prime code, past this whitethorn beryllium that opportunity!

This forward-thinking institution develops exertion for 5G networks. Their precocious prime connectivity solutions supply robust and unafraid connection services for mission-critical extremity applications.

Working remotely arsenic portion of an established affable Agile team, you volition lend to the improvement of caller features and functionality for the 5G Network Core. The institution pridefulness themselves connected the excellence of their codebase, and their civilization is geared towards this objective. They spot an accent connected creating good designed, implemented, and tested software. They cultivate caller ideas and ways of doing things, promote refactoring successful bid to debar method debt, and recognize the worth that method unit present for the company.

This is simply a afloat distant presumption with monthly bureau meetings, truthful mightiness not suit everyone. Excellent C++ skills and bully mathematical aptitude volition beryllium essential, arsenic volition an knowing of NGAP protocol oregon protocols of comparable complexity (S1AP etc.). You indispensable beryllium idiosyncratic who is blessed to drill into the details of important specification documents and instrumentality solutions with a precocious level of attraction to detail.

You volition need:

  • A beardown world inheritance with a 1st oregon 2.1 successful Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, oregon likewise applicable taxable unneurotic with beardown supporting A-level (or equivalent) grades. Further applicable qualifications and cognition of cryptographic maths would beryllium valued
  • Demonstrably fantabulous coding skills successful modern C++ versions, and familiarity with processing bundle nether Linux
  • Experience with bundle improvement champion practice: Agile, Scrum, codification reviews, automated test, mentation control, bug tracking, and static investigation tools. Knowledge of UML oregon acquisition with Kubernetes would beryllium beneficial
  • The quality to be meetings successful Cambridge from clip to clip is indispensable - truthful you indispensable beryllium based, and person afloat existing close to enactment successful the UK

This is simply a large accidental to articulation a affable supportive squad focussed connected delivering precocious prime engineering with the minimum of administrative overhead. On connection is simply a competitory wage and benefits package.

Keywords: C++, 5G, Core Network, NGAP, 5G Application Interface, Linux, Remote

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