C++ Software Developer

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C++ Software Developer

Salary: Competitive & Stock!

Working Model: Site moving successful Southampton Office

IC Resources is delighted to beryllium partnering with a 3D Audio reproduction company, they are looking to alteration the mode radical acquisition loudspeaker audio by delivering immersive 3D audio done cutting borderline exertion and innovation.

The palmy campaigner volition beryllium helping beforehand and furthering the improvement of their audio awesome processing system.

What’s Required?

For this C++ Software Developer, we’re funny successful radical from a assortment of backgrounds, but your acquisition whitethorn see immoderate of the following:

  • Software Development acquisition successful C++ OOP
  • Expert cognition of moving connected Windows
  • GUI Development - Electron oregon QT Preferred
  • DevOps / CI
  • Interest successful Audio technology

If you’re a C++ Software Developer looking for an breathtaking caller situation wrong a large company, past delight use contiguous to larn more!

To find retired much astir this and different Software opportunities crossed the UK, delight interaction Mitch Wheaton.