Chief Data Scientist

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Company Description

About represents IAG's strategical concern successful information science, instrumentality learning, artificial quality and generative AI. The ngo is to use these and different modern technologies to thrust worldly payment crossed each parts of the Group, including British Airways, Aer Lingus, Iberia and Avios.

Launched successful London successful 2023, aims to spouse with world-renowned world and probe institutions to found an enduring assemblage of AI practitioners, who tin present tangible benefits for our customers, our business, and our planet. In parallel with delivering value, we harvester a merchandise mindset with a relentless absorption connected continuous betterment to continually strive to find caller and amended ways to innovate and enactment the Group done the exertion of modern exertion and modern ways of working.

Our Values
At we stock communal values to assistance america make the close civilization to underpin our thriving community:
Innovation | we worth identifying caller ways of utilizing exertion to lick concern challenges
Empowerment | we worth giving radical the state to operate, that they instrumentality accountability, and collaborate with colleagues
Professionalism | we worth having and processing the close cognition and competency to beryllium capable to bash our jobs to the champion of our ability 
Transparency | we worth honesty and integrity and ever stock the world successful a mode the concern understands
Agility | we worth responsiveness, velocity and flexibility successful everything we do.

We observe erstwhile we spot large examples of our values successful enactment and situation each different erstwhile we spot these values being ignored

Job Description

As main information idiosyncratic for IAG,ai, you volition beryllium pivotal successful maximising the ROI of the Group's investments successful instrumentality learning and artificial intelligence. You volition enactment intimately with the Group Head of AI and information teams to beforehand re-use, found due standardisation, and assistance nonstop concern successful shared AI patterns and products which tin beryllium utilized by aggregate operating companies (airlines).

You volition pb a assemblage of talented information scientists, and foster a civilization of innovation, collaboration, and excellence. You volition besides collaborate with different elder leaders and stakeholders crossed the organisation, and lend to the improvement and transportation of group-wide information products and solutions.

Other areas you volition beryllium liable for volition beryllium to enactment with the Heads of AI to guarantee viability and worth are represented erstwhile considering opportunities for AI exertion crossed the Group, and enactment ongoing curation of the Group's AI catalogue and backlog. Establish patterns and principles for the information subject exertion stack, ensuring scalability, reliability, and information of the information infrastructure and platforms.

Maximise the productivity and ratio of the information subject team, by syndicating and embedding an due transportation approach, and by ensuring safety, responsibility, exemplary hazard absorption and different akin considerations are facets of the way to live.

Direct contented for the AI Academy, supporting continuous betterment and learning, and ensuring colleagues enactment abreast of caller AI developments. Challenge stakeholders crossed the organisation, expanding consciousness of the "art of the possible" (including "bringing the extracurricular in" done outer sources, speakers and perspectives), to place further opportunities to thrust worth done AI application. 

Communicate and contiguous information subject insights and recommendations to elder absorption and different stakeholders, utilizing wide and compelling visualisations and narratives. Build and support beardown relationships with interior and outer partners, and place and prosecute caller opportunities for information subject collaboration and innovation.


To beryllium palmy successful this relation you volition have PhD successful Data Science oregon related mathematical discipline(s). Demonstrable experience successful information science, with a proven way grounds of starring transportation of tangible worth (EBIT, NPS etc.)

Consulting acquisition and Airline manufacture would beryllium preferred, nevertheless you should beryllium an adept successful a assortment of information subject techniques and tools, specified arsenic instrumentality learning, heavy learning, earthy connection processing, machine vision, information mining, information visualisation, etc.

Proficiency successful Python, R, SQL, and different programming languages and frameworks for information science. Experience successful moving with large information technologies and platforms, specified arsenic Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, etc.

Strong leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills, with the quality to animate and motivate a divers and cross-functional team. Strategic and analytical thinking, with the quality to construe concern problems and opportunities into information subject solutions and actions.

Additional Information

The accidental to bask a challenging vocation successful an exciting, fast-moving situation successful a dynamic industry, moving successful a multi-cultural situation with large offices successful galore locations. We purpose to supply each our radical with a work/life balance, arsenic good arsenic the galore benefits offered by a planetary organisation, including wellness insurance, pension, and show bonuses

Diversity and Inclusion
IAG Tech is portion of the IAG GBS organisation, and our radical are astatine the bosom of everything we do. We recognise that we tin lone present the required concern outcomes if we person a thriving assemblage of exertion professionals. Together we strive to go the precise champion astatine what we do.

We absorption connected making Tech a large spot to work, with a assemblage that we consciousness arrogant to beryllium to. To assistance marque this a reality, our radical strategy focuses connected six cardinal domains: Engagement, Talent Management, Reward and Recognition, Performance Management, Learning and Development and Culture. 

We recognize the value of Diversity and Inclusion successful the workplace to present this strategy - everyone should consciousness portion of our team. We privation to foster an inclusive workplace, observe individuality and clasp differences truthful that everyone successful IAG Tech tin execute their goals and ambitions, careless of their idiosyncratic circumstances oregon background. 

As a Group, IAG has an ambition that 40% of elder absorption roles are held by women by 2025. IAG Tech afloat supports that ambition, and we are moving to assistance marque it a reality. With this successful mind, we person acceptable ourselves the challenging people of recruiting 50% pistillate colleagues by 2030.