Circuit Design Manager

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I americium recruiting a Circuit Design Manager to pb a squad adjacent The Hague region, overseeing the improvement of a wide scope of semiconductor products.

I americium looking for an exceptionally motivated and proactive person with the quality to thrust dynamic plan engineering teams. You should person outstanding technical, managerial, and connection skills, with the relation offering important vulnerability and opportunities for vocation advancement.

Responsibilities volition see but are not constricted to:

  • Lead and animate apical engineering teams done recruitment and motivation.
  • Foster a affirmative enactment situation and negociate a cross-functional IC Design squad focused connected precision timing solutions.
  • Utilise extended method expertise to formulate strategies for overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities.
  • Identify and code shortcomings successful products and processes, implementing optimal procedures.
  • Make strategical product-level decisions covering testability, manufacturing, cost, applications, and enactment features.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to plan chips with DFT and DFM for accelerated accumulation release.
  • Partner with Customers, Marketing, and Sales to specify products, roadmaps, and schedules.
  • Manage engineers to execute customer, schedule, and fund goals.
  • Drive further projects based connected changing concern needs.

If you would similar to cognize much accusation astir this opportunity, delight interaction Parm Shergill.

Contact Name: Parmeet Shergill

Reference: TJ/801/V-194031

Job ID: 3312215


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