Compliance Officer

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Compliance and Investigation Officer
West Sussex
£23,000 per annum

Monday to Friday - 9-5pm. Potential to enactment from location 3 days a week, with 2 days successful the bureau successful Haywards Heath. Outstanding Company Benefits including 7% institution pension publication - Parking besides available.

Our Professional organisation are looking for a Compliance and Investigation Officer to supply guidance and proposal to its members. Most of the queries travel successful via their portal oregon via email, arsenic opposed to telephone calls.

You volition beryllium progressive with investigating complaints and reporting backmost your findings. As a nonrecreational organisation they pridefulness themselves connected prompt, businesslike and nonrecreational responses.

You volition request to person bully IT skills and fantabulous email penning skills successful presumption of grammar, spelling and professionalism.

To negociate complaints received against members successful accordance with agreed procedures.
To supply guidance and proposal to members connected however to debar complaints and support compliance with the assorted Codes and Accreditations.
To virtually analyse facilities managed by our members to guarantee compliance with the Code of Practice utilizing assorted checklists and our lawsuit absorption system.
To respond to enquiries and complaints astir members from members of the nationalist either via our lawsuit absorption system, email oregon letter.
In the fullness of time, determination is an anticipation that the station holder handles investigations into alleged non-compliance with the Code of Practice by our members successful accordance with agreed procedures.
To enactment successful the continuing nonrecreational improvement of the assorted Codes and Accreditations done regular meetings and grooming to guarantee knowing of the procedures and processes required.
To enactment connected circumstantial projects arsenic delegated.