Continuous Improvement Engineer with Java - DevOps Team

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Job Description

About the Job

CI Engineer with Java- DevOps Team

Bachelor's grade successful machine subject oregon related field, oregon equivalent grooming and experience.

4+ years engineering acquisition with large-scale applications.

Ability to use analyzable principles, theories and concepts of the method subject and supply solutions to a wide scope of analyzable tasks, - projects and problems

Advanced cognition and proficiency with root power systems, preferably git

Experience utilizing and configuring continuous integration tools (Hudson, Jenkins, etc.)

Proficient with Java based physique systems and related tools (Maven, Nexus, etc.)

Expertise processing successful Java language

Expert with scripting languages (python, perl, groovy etc.)

Strong tendency to automate build, test, deployment, and related activities

Ability to enactment successful on-call rotation for 24x7 work requirement.

Able to collaborate and enactment efficaciously crossed aggregate teams with varying skillsets.

The presumption volition beryllium based adjacent Manchester.

This is simply a 3 period declaration to commencement immediately.

Please nonstop your CV to america successful Word format, on with your availability and wage details.