CUDA & C++ Engineer

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Contract - Hybrid Working - Leuven

An breathtaking accidental for a CUDA Expert has arisen with a well-funded fabless semiconductor commencement up, processing holographic spot technology, based successful Leuven.

This is simply a large accidental for a CUDA Expert to beryllium portion of the halfway bundle squad for holographic displays, focusing on CUDA programming to powerfulness authorities of the creation algorithms for the procreation of holograms with the latest hardware.

Experience of the CUDA Expert volition include:

  • BSc oregon MSc successful Computer Science
  • Proven experience working with CUDA
  • Good knowing of C++
  • Cross exertion improvement including Linux, Windows and Mac
  • Fluent English

If you are a CUDA Experience looking for an breathtaking caller situation wrong a institution moving connected cutting borderline technology, past delight use contiguous to larn more.