Cyber Security Specialist

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A planetary Financial Services lawsuit of ours is hiring for an experienced Cyber Security nonrecreational to articulation a squad successful London who are embarking upon a captious programme of work.  They request a driven, forward-thinking idiosyncratic who tin travel successful with a caller position and marque meaningful contributions to processing their adjacent procreation of cyber information protocols.

In this role, you volition beryllium moving connected greenfield projects, arsenic good arsenic existing cyber information initiatives, to present a broad scope of solutions for brokerage and fiscal merchandise environments globally.

You'll beryllium joining a dynamic and agile squad wherever you volition beryllium capable to make your skills and knowledge, learning from an exceptional Senior Leadership squad arsenic good arsenic gaining an accidental to mentor juniors. An quality to collaborate with a divers and talented radical of professionals volition beryllium imperative and volition let you to power the absorption of the company's cyber strategy and instrumentality your ideas.

Must have:

This is simply a caller accidental to articulation a world-class organisation and marque a existent quality successful the improvement of their information practise. To apply, delight taxable your CV and a screen missive outlining wherefore you would beryllium a large acceptable for this role.