CyberArk SME

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CyberArk SME

Outside IR35

Ideally DV, but volition instrumentality SC Clearance

Largely remote, with 1 time per week connected tract successful Farnborough


Our lawsuit has an accidental a CyberArk SME to articulation connected an archetypal 6 period contract. The CyberArk method assets is liable for absorption and enactment of the PAM estate. The relation manages the execution of project/product cybersecurity elements crossed cross-portfolio programs and services. Tasks necessitate moving with a wide spectrum of the Technology squad including IT Security and engineering method resources to identify, program and present cybersecurity initiatives.

Role responsibilities:

* Onboarding accounts onto PAM solution and guarantee accounts stay nether control.

* identifying and onboarding (DNA scan/Account find module)of privileged accounts into CyberArk crossed each the platforms.

* Understanding the existent privileged entree absorption presumption wrong the IT environment.

* Management of the transportation of cybersecurity projects wrong agreed scope, outgo and timescale

* To enactment independently oregon arsenic portion of a squad successful delivering analyzable projects.

* To assistance adjacent outstanding audit points raised against CyberArk operations.

Essential skills:

* Minimum 3+ years of CyberArk acquisition and bully cognition connected different PAM tools.

* CyberArk certification oregon Security related certification.

* Experience of Information Security, and a coagulated IT background.

* Experience utilizing SQL/PSQ and Oracle (Essential)

* Experience utilizing Web work protocols REST/SOAP (Essential)

* Extensive cognition successful CyberArk PAM capabilities protecting Hybrid Environments (On-Prem, AWS, Azure) (Essential)

* Understanding of entree power mechanics for Operating systems and Databases and different imaginable people devices. (Essential)

* Clear knowing of Operating systems, Database concepts and others imaginable targets oregon endpoints for a emblematic PAM Solution. (Essential)

* Demonstratable knowing of antithetic CyberArk Components similar CPM/PSM/PVWA/Vault etc. (Essential)

* Good Understanding of Rest API (Essential)

* Develop and Customize CPM plugins and PSM Connectors (Essential)

* Good cognition successful CPM Plugin and PSM Connector Development. (Essential)

* Proficient wrong galore LDAP directory benignant platforms (Essential)

* Basic knowing of Windows Server Administration (Essential)

* Good knowing of CyberArk functionality and capabilities, with administrative acquisition of the instrumentality (Essential)

* Experience successful defining PAM processes and relation explanation with cognition of autochthonal entree power mechanisms. (Essential)

Desirable skills:

* Identity Access absorption (IAM) acquisition (desirable)

* Experience successful creating elaborate enactment breakdown operation for PAM implementation. (desirable)

* Experience successful moving connected aggregate projects with wide scope, ambiguity, and precocious grade of trouble (desirable)

* Experience successful exertion projects specified arsenic implementation of Cyber infrastructure replacement etc. (desirable)

* Demonstrable proficiency successful a wide scope of accusation IT information technologies and Embedded security; astatine the minimum cognition indispensable screen cardinal cybersecurity domains specified arsenic Identity and Access Management, Incident Management. (desirable)

* Detailed cognition of the Access Control and Privileged Access Management domains, including the Tools, Techniques and Procedures used. (desirable)

* Demonstrable acquisition of elder stakeholder absorption and applicable absorption reporting. (desirable)

* Experience successful Metrics tools similar Power BI, Tableau etc.(desirable)

* Good cognition successful PowerShell Scripting.(desirable)

* Basic Unix medication knowledge. (desirable)

* Ability to make documents of precocious quality.

* Ability to enactment successful structured situation and travel procedures, processes and policies. (desirable)

* High level of analytical quality wherever problems are typically antithetic and difficult. (desirable)

* Ability to enactment with aggregate stakeholders from Security, Operations, Application Owners and Service Providers connected deployment activities and enhancing the PAM solution. (desirable)

* Experience web improvement basics similar HTML,CSS, JS (desirable)

* Experience Java/JSP (desirable)

* CISSP oregon CISM qualified.

Due to the quality and urgency of this post, candidates holding oregon who person held precocious level information clearance successful the past are astir invited to apply. Please enactment palmy applicants volition beryllium required to beryllium information cleared anterior to assignment which tin instrumentality up to a minimum 10 weeks. LA International is simply a HMG approved ICT Recruitment and Project Solutions Consultancy, operating globally from the largest azygous tract successful the UK arsenic an IT Consultancy oregon arsenic an Employment Business & Agency depending upon the precise quality of the work, for information cleared jobs oregon non-clearance vacancies, LA International invited applications from each sections of the assemblage and from radical with divers acquisition and backgrounds.

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