Data Analyst with Big Data

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Job Description

Data Analyst with Big Data - Canary Wharf

Our Client is seeking a Data Analyst for the Data Products squad is driving innovations successful the Financial Services Sector utilizing Big Data.

The Client has a high-calibre, focused and a mission-driven team.

The models we physique and the investigation that we deduce from fiscal information matters to important cutting-edge concern decisions made crossed the planetary fiscal services firms each time and provides penetration into existent satellite problems.

In this role, you volition summation a heavy knowing of income and disbursal transactions, fiscal classifications, and agelong word fiscal absorption wrong the UK market. You volition enactment successful lawsuit and spouse calls to reappraisal requirements and lawsuit needs. You volition rapidly summation an knowing however section income and disbursal calculations, and fiscal absorption champion practices tin beryllium leveraged to present fiscal wellness tools successful the UK market.

This relation volition let you to spouse analytics teams to reappraisal and heighten information categorization for cardinal income and disbursal transactions, make a specification for some rules based and instrumentality learning driven enhancements to categorization by defining transaction types.

You volition besides interact intimately with the Financial Product squad to supply requirements to localize the fiscal absorption tools for the UK market.

You volition execute regular and ongoing investigation connected user transactions to place methods for improved categorization, investigating and certifying enhancements, and validating show metrics. You volition besides enactment with the Financial Wellness Product squad to accommodate their products for the UK market. This requires you to make a heavy knowing of the UK fiscal absorption abstraction successful bid to make an ongoing UK roadmap with the remainder of the Financial merchandise team.

Must person a Bachelor's Degree coupled with 2 - 4 years of acquisition successful software-oriented Product Management, preferably successful fiscal services.

Experience successful fiscal modelling and possessing cognition of the fiscal services and transactions.

Experience/Interest successful analysing information and a precocious attraction to item particularly successful regards to information cleansing

You person superb written & oral connection skills. You person analytical skills with a inheritance successful fiscal investigation and cautiously question to recognize underlying concern needs, some connected a marketplace level arsenic good arsenic from idiosyncratic client/prospects. You are adaptable and tin enactment successfully successful a method situation arsenic a non-technical leader.

The perfect campaigner is inquisitive and highly item oriented. You are focused connected execution and are capable to marque definitive decisions successful uncertain environments with constricted data.

This is simply a 3 period declaration duty initially.

Please nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with your regular complaint and availability.