Data Engineering Team Lead

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Data Engineering Team Lead
£110,000 per annum

Were looking for a Data Engineering Lead to articulation an manufacture starring organisation who is going done a play of maturation owed to continued success!

Youd beryllium joining successful a enactment capableness to pb and animate a tiny but dedicated squad of Data Engineers. Data is integral to this companies operations and aboriginal growth, your squad is important to the occurrence of the Business Strategy.,

Managing this highly respected team, youll beryllium liable for each aspects of Data Engineering crossed the institution including processing & refining the unreality and information engineering strategy! Working straight with the Head of Platform & Engineering to bash so!

Key Skills & Responsibilities :

* To pb a squad of Data Engineers to make the champion solutions done mentorship and coaching
* Grow to a spot wherever you tin ain the Data Engineering strategy to lick existent and aboriginal concern needs
* Use your modelling acquisition to enactment arsenic a information designer wherever needed, defining solutions wrong their Data Vault implementation
* Work alongside different Data and Tech teams to collaborate connected concern solutions
* Stay hands connected to enactment your team

Were conscionable looking for idiosyncratic who has travel from an AWS focused inheritance who has acquisition with DBT and has Led a squad before.

This is simply a fantastic accidental for idiosyncratic with enactment acquisition looking to instrumentality that adjacent measurement successful their career. With tons of enactment from your ain Manager to advancement your relation & vocation further.

Based mostly distant you conscionable request to beryllium consenting to commute to Manchester connected an adhoc ground erstwhile needed. You indispensable beryllium based successful the UK.