Data Quality Lead

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Data Quality Lead
City of London
£65,000 - £80,000 per annum

Our client, a starring institution successful the Insurance industry, is looking for a imperishable Data Quality Lead to articulation their Data team.

Role & Responsibilities:

* Develop and instrumentality information prime strategies and processes
* Ensure information standards and champion practices are followed
* Develop a model for information validation to guarantee information integrity for regulatory and strategical requirements
* Implement information validation rules successful information prime tools ensuring the rules bespeak information prime standards and requirements
* Analyse and place information prime issues and urge solutions
* Collaborate with cross-functional teams to amended information quality
* Monitor and study connected information prime metrics
* Develop and support Power BI dashboards that summarise information prime metrics, trends, and improvements providing a wide presumption of information quality

Key Skills:

* Background successful information prime absorption with acquisition successful information validation regularisation implementation
* Experience carrying retired information profiling
* Demonstrated knowing of the value of information prime and the interaction connected concern objectives and hazard management
* Strong knowing of information prime concepts and methodologies
* Experience with information profiling and information cleansing tools
* Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
* Strong connection and stakeholder absorption skills
* Technical proficiency successful SQL, Power BI, DQPro