Data Scientist Python Software - London

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Job Description

Data Scientist and Python Software Developer - London

We're looking to enlistee a Data Scientist and Python Software Developer with information subject skills to articulation a merchandise squad that is focused connected gathering good engineered products.

The products supply an intuitive mode for retailers and suppliers to interact and devour 'big data' analytics to marque amended concern decisions.

This relation would dwell of moving unneurotic with a squad of statistical analysts, knowing their methodologies and algorithms, and turning them into accumulation acceptable codification written successful Python.

This relation would besides necessitate occasional question to Paris oregon Munich.

Main skills:

Excellent cognition of Python and it's related information subject libraries (scikit, pandas, etc)

Prior acquisition of utilizing Python to execute calculations and make datasets

Good statistical knowledge

Excellent connection and determination making skills

Exposure to moving with REST API's

Any of the pursuing skills would beryllium an added bonus:

Has tally codification crossed Hadoop/MapReduce clusters

Has codification moving successful a accumulation environment

Used SAS earlier (or astatine slightest tin decipher SAS code)

Worked with precise ample information sets earlier (billions of records)

Knowledge of SQL/NoSQL database

Knowledge oregon acquisition successful D3.js

Experience acting arsenic a mentor/trainer successful Python

This is 6 period duty successful London with question to Paris and Munich.

Please nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with regular complaint and availability.