Data Scientist / Theoretical Modeller / Software Developer

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Data Scientist / Theoretical Modeller / Software Developer

Abingdon Rd, Culham, UK
Salary: £38,620 (inclusive of MPP) + fantabulous benefits including outstanding pension
Division: Computing
Site Location: UKAEA Culham, Oxfordshire
Confirmed Grade: Level 4
Department: Computational Science and Engineering

Company Description

By 2050, the satellite could beryllium utilizing doubly arsenic overmuch energy compared to today. Are you funny successful contributing and helping to signifier the aboriginal of the world's energy? If so, work on.

Fusion, the process that powers the Sun and Stars, is 1 of the astir promising options for generating the cleaner, carbon-free vigor that our satellite severely needs.

UKAEA leads the mode successful realising fusion energy, partnering with manufacture and probe for groundbreaking advancements. Our extremity is to bring fusion energy to the grid, supported by tomorrow's powerfulness stations. In pursuit of our ngo UKAEA embraces halfway values of innovation, commitment, spot and collaboration.

The Computing Division astatine UKAEA plays a captious relation successful fusion reactor research, covering HPC, information solutions, algorithm development, and AI. This role, wrong the plasma simulation group, applies modern computational methods to areas of plasma physics. We collaborate intimately with specialists successful the plasma part and are aiming to grow partnerships with institutions successful the US and Europe. Key probe areas see processing caller simulation capabilities, utilising instrumentality learning for reactor design, and deploying uncertainty quantification tools. Candidates request a inheritance successful plasma physics oregon a intimately related discipline, positive acquisition successful technological computing and/or cognition of instrumentality learning. The roles whitethorn impact the accidental for an extended secondment to a spouse institution.

As an worker of UKAEA you volition payment from:

- Outstanding defined payment pension scheme, details of which tin beryllium recovered astatine the extremity of this advert.
- Corporate bonus strategy up to 7% and a Relocation allowance (if eligible).
- Flexible moving options including household affable policies and the close to petition flexible moving from the commencement of your employment.
- Employee Assistance Programme and trained Mental Health First Aiders.
- Generous yearly leave allowance starting with 25 days, positive 3 days Christmas closure and 2.5 privilege days, successful summation to UK slope holidays.
- Wide scope of career improvement opportunities.
- A vibrant culture committed to equality and being afloat inclusive.

The wage for this relation volition beryllium Level 4 - £35,520 positive Market Premium Payment (MPP) of £3,100.

Job Description

UKAEA's wage arrangements and grading operation are presently nether reappraisal arsenic portion of a translation task and projected multi-year wage deal. UKAEA aims to present a caller grading operation successful 2024. This volition alteration america to pb the transportation of sustainable fusion vigor and maximise the technological and economical benefit. Now is simply a large clip to articulation the Organisation and beryllium portion of the journey.

This relation requires employees to complete an online Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS), including The Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) checks for transgression convictions.

The Role

Are you looking for an breathtaking accidental to marque a difference? Join our squad and lend to the aboriginal of fusion energy.

Work successful the Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) portion astatine UKAEA covers a divers scope of areas including precocious show and precocious throughput computing (HPC/HTC), algorithm development, technological bundle engineering, artificial quality and exascale technologies. We enactment astatine the frontiers of engineering and subject to guarantee that fusion reactors are good understood and well-engineered and that our scientists and engineers person entree to satellite starring exertion and facilities to execute their research.


- Plan and organise workloads efficiently to conscionable task deadlines and objectives.
- Provide method guidance and proposal to squad members, acting arsenic a taxable substance adept successful a specialised area.
- Author oregon co-author technological papers and contiguous findings astatine conferences to disseminate cognition internally and externally.
- Use nonrecreational judgement and expertise to plan and instrumentality solutions for assorted technological tasks and challenges.


Essential Requirements:

- Doctoral grade successful a computational, mathematical, oregon carnal subject discipline (or equivalent experience).
- Demonstrable cognition of plasma physics oregon a intimately related subject (e.g. computational fluid dynamics).
- Proficiency successful astatine slightest 1 compiled level connection (e.g., C++, Fortran, C, Rust) oregon precocious scripting connection (Julia, R, Python), on with beardown UNIX bid enactment interface skills.
- Experience successful modern bundle engineering practices.
- Ability to enactment wrong a divers squad portion besides taking idiosyncratic responsibility.

Additional Information

What we offer

Our broad benefits bundle includes a vibrant culture committed to being afloat inclusive, an Employee Assistance Programme and trained Mental Health First Aiders, Flexible moving options including household affable policies, Emergency paid leave, Generous annual permission allowance (30.5 days) accrued with magnitude of service, wide scope of career improvement opportunities, outstanding defined payment pension scheme; Corporate bonus scheme.

Please enactment each employees moving astatine the UK Atomic Energy Authority volition beryllium required to implicit an online Disclosure Certificate exertion arsenic portion of their clearance - The Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) checks volition amusement the details of each existent transgression convictions oregon volition corroborate that determination are nary specified convictions.

Note for applicants who are applying for employment with UKAEA either from extracurricular the United Kingdom oregon who person spent clip extracurricular the United Kingdom successful the past 5 years. Please sojourn the UK Government website. If the country, you are nonmigratory successful oregon person resided successful is not listed connected this website oregon that the UK Government is not alert of however to get transgression records cheque from that authorities past we are incapable to process your application.