Data Solution Engineer

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Data Solution Engineer

Lloyds Banking Group

Bristol - hybrid moving pattern, 2 days per week successful bureau & remainder from home

Salary & Benefits: £68,202 to £83,358 basal wage depending connected determination and experience.

Additional Package: Annual idiosyncratic bonus, 15% leader pension publication (when you enactment successful 6%), 4% flexible currency allowance, backstage aesculapian insurance, 30 days vacation positive slope holidays.

Where does the relation sit? We're the Data & Machine Learning Platforms wrong Lloyds Banking Group!

We enactment each areas of the bank, truthful products you enactment connected could use to immoderate country of fiscal services and we've got 1 of the largest information sets disposable successful FS for you to gully upon. We're good funded, and we're expanding rapidly!

What precisely does a Data Solution Engineer do?

You'll interface to antithetic areas of the concern successful bid to recognize their concern problems revolving astir data, past erstwhile you person built a representation of their information capabilities and required support, you tin assistance to signifier & accelerate the divisions information capabilities.

You'll collaborate with Product Owners, Platform Leads, Enterprise Architects & Engineers to make the Architectural runway for our Platform teams. Once baselined, our Solution Architects continuously put successful maintaining the Architecture runway underpinning our Platform teams. You'll beryllium providing investigation of options and present end-to-end solution designs utilizing applicable architectural gathering blocks arsenic good arsenic producing designs for features that alteration predominant incremental lawsuit worth delivery.

You'll owning the method plan risks oregon issues and driving solution done architectural oregon agile practises.

We run utilizing modern Agile engineering practices truthful you'll participating successful Agile ceremonies, elicit requirements, signifier & validate designs oregon prototypes that present lawsuit outcomes that align to our people architecture.

You'll beryllium supporting Product Owners & Platform Leads successful identifying, articulating and interaction assessing bundle & infrastructure currency risks oregon issues, offering options & recommendations connected enactment readying & continuously evergreening solutions/systems wrong the Platform.

What bash we request to spot from your application?

We're keen to spot divers and varied applications, nevertheless arsenic this is simply a elder relation successful a niche manufacture country we'll request to spot the pursuing arsenic a minimum to beryllium considered for interview;

  • A anterior vocation inheritance with important acquisition of Solution Design circumstantial to the Data industry.

  • You'll request to person developed a extent of cognition astir modular information absorption practices, a passionateness for what tin beryllium achieved utilizing information and an appreciation of what benefits tin beryllium derived from information (essential).

  • Broad cognition of imaginable solutions utilising Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence oregon Business Intelligence. You'll request a coagulated grounding successful much than 1 area.

  • Advanced acquisition successful Cloud Architecture, designing data/analytics solutions successful the cloud, ideally GCP. In practice, not conscionable theory.

  • Excellent connection skills

Why other should this relation beryllium of interest?

We connection fantabulous training, certification, vocation opportunities and a relaxed moving environment. We're a beauteous clump of people.

We're increasing and volition proceed to bash truthful for years to travel truthful you'll person bully vocation improvement opportunities.

We beforehand adjacent opportunities, and invited applications from employees from a divers scope of backgrounds. We volition guarantee that individuals with disabilities are provided tenable accommodation to enactment successful the occupation exertion oregon interrogation process, to execute important occupation functions.