Database Engineer with SQL and C#

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Job Description
Database Engineer with SQL and C#

Our Client is simply a City based slope - looking to enlistee a Database Engineer with astatine slightest 3 to 5 years expertise of processing and supporting SQL and C#.

Software Development:
Analysis of issues pertaining to problems oregon errors raised by in-house systems, i.e. CORE, SharePoint interface, Equation extremity of time cycle.
Understanding concern requirements successful bid to make and present due solutions based connected strategy explanation documents.
Proficiency successful precocious 4GL programming languages and capable to use to the afloat improvement life-cycle.

Database Support
Supporting budgeting and fiscal readying processes for Finance department, including loading and refreshing of information based connected requirements.
Understand and behaviour the front-end functionality to amend and alteration hierarchical structures wrong the environment.
Debug and analyse errors and anomalies wrong Hyperion strategy arsenic raised by Finance and to pinpoint areas of nonaccomplishment and close immoderate issues.
Liaise with Finance connected a regular ground to guarantee creaseless moving of the Hyperion environment.
Build information flows wrong the SQL situation successful SSIS packages.
Introduce caller tract and information types for caller accusation to beryllium collated successful the CORE environment.

To integrate with each the Bank's sub-systems utilizing information abstraction and connectivity layers, i.e. ODBC,
Build reports based connected concern requirements utilizing Hyperion Interactive Reports.
Ensure that the situation is moving optimally and to utilise house-keeping procedures.

Sharepoint Integration:
Integrate the SharePoint situation and Forms with Equation strategy to present automation of processes thereby eliminating the request for duplicate entry.
Utilise web services to integrate from cutting borderline exertion into bequest systems specified arsenic Equation.

End of Day Cycle:
Provide 2nd and 3rd level enactment for in-house programmes during the extremity of time cycle.
Able to analyse and rectify immoderate problems raised successful an autarkic and squad scenario.
Take ownership of a occupation and present a solution successful a timely manner.
Provide retired of bureau hours support.

Risk & Regulatory Duties
Maintain cognition of each applicable regulatory requirements including the Bank's Risk and Compliance policies and procedures and adhere to these to debar exposing the Bank to undue risk.
Report policy/procedure breaches and areas of imaginable non-compliance and suspicions promptly upon recognition successful accordance with the Bank's Risk and Compliance policies.
Accurately execute each controls wrong ain country to minimise hazard of policy, procedure, and/or regulatory breaches.
Identify caller risks/control gaps wrong ain country and escalate accordingly to your Line Manager and/or Head of Department.

Training & Competence
Complete each yearly mandatory regulatory refresher grooming arsenic per the Bank's grooming plans and deadlines.
Proactively question to implicit recommended method and behavioural competencies grooming required for your role.

Act successful accordance with the FCA/PRA Code of Conduct.

Business Continuity
Fulfil each prescribed concern continuity requirements arsenic acceptable retired successful the organisational oregon departmental circumstantial plans oregon arsenic instructed by the Line Manager/Head of Department.

Degree level qualified oregon equivalent.
SQL Programming.
C# Software development.

Knowledge and Skills
C# Programming to precocious level of proficiency.
Software investigation and design.
SQL query language.
Dimensional modelling
Data warehouse plan concepts, (Inmon oregon Kimball)

This is simply a Full-Time Contract initially for 6 months - but apt to go permanent.

Salary for this presumption volition beryllium £55K - £60K per annum.

The Client is based successful the City of London.

Please bash nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with your wage and availability.