Database Engineer with SQL Server and SSIS

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Job Description

Database Engineer with SQL Server and SSIS

Our Client is simply a slope based successful Central London who are looking to enlistee a Database Engineer with the quality to enactment with SSIS.

Responsible for the improvement and transportation of caller systems to automate and streamline processes required by antithetic departments.

To enactment the interior IT section with changes and upgrades to bundle platforms.

To beryllium superior interaction for each method questions relating to in-house bespoke systems and interfacing.

Database Support

Supporting budgeting and fiscal readying processes for Finance department, including loading and refreshing of information based connected requirements.

Understand and behaviour the front-end functionality to amend and alteration hierarchical structures wrong the environment.

Debug and analyse errors and anomalies wrong Hyperion strategy arsenic raised by Finance and to pinpoint areas of nonaccomplishment and close immoderate issues.

Liaise with Finance connected a regular ground to guarantee creaseless moving of the Hyperion environment.

Build information flows wrong the SQL situation successful SSIS packages.

Risk & Regulatory Duties

Maintain cognition of each applicable regulatory requirements including the Bank's Risk and Compliance policies and procedures and adhere to these to debar exposing the Bank to undue risk.

Report policy/procedure breaches and areas of imaginable non-compliance and suspicions promptly upon recognition successful accordance with the Bank's Risk and Compliance policies.

Accurately execute each controls wrong ain country to minimise hazard of policy, procedure, and/or regulatory breaches.

Identify caller risks/control gaps wrong ain country and escalate accordingly to your Line Manager and/or Head of Department.


Degree level qualified oregon equivalent.

SQL Programming.

Knowledge and Skills

Software investigation and design.

SQL query language.

Data warehouse plan concepts, (Inmon oregon Kimball)

Must person coagulated acquisition of moving with SSIS and gathering information warehouses and immoderate cognition of reporting utilizing SSRS.

The Client is simply a Bank based successful the Central London.

This is simply a 12 period FTC presumption with a wage of circa £55K - £70K.

You volition beryllium required to beryllium successful the bureau astatine slightest 3 days week.

Do nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with your wage and availability.