Defence Business Services (DBS) - Infrastructure Engineer - UNIX and Linux

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About the job

Are you a dedicated idiosyncratic who is passionate astir making a difference?

Would you similar to enactment for the Ministry of Defence?

Defence Business Services (DBS) is 1 of the largest shared work organisations successful Europe that provides a wide scope of firm services, to implicit 1.2 cardinal extremity users, including serving and past subject and families, arsenic good arsenic MoD civilian servants and industry. DBS delivers ample standard medication and smaller specializer services to alteration the wider MOD to absorption connected its halfway aims, maintaining the UK's Defence and Security. Services see Human Resources, Pay, Veterans, Finance and Procurement.

  • Our Vision - To enactment UK defence customers with outstanding work each time.
  • Our Mission - Together we volition proudly enactment Defence, continuously improving and delivering flexible, timely, sustainable and worth for wealth services that underpin the full unit and heighten operational capability.

DBS is committed to creating a large spot to enactment for each our colleagues. We are gathering an inclusive civilization and respectful situation that reflects the diverseness of the society.

We privation to maximise the imaginable of everyone who chooses to enactment for america done opportunities to make your skills and experience. We besides connection a scope of flexible moving patterns and enactment to marque a fulfilling vocation accessible to you and connection a Civil Service pension with an mean leader publication of 27%. Where your relation permits, we enactment a blended moving attack alternatively known arsenic hybrid working.

Where concern needs allow, immoderate roles whitethorn beryllium suitable for a operation of bureau and home-based working.? This is simply a non-contractual statement wherever each office-based employees volition beryllium expected to walk a minimum of 60% of their moving clip successful office, taxable to capableness and immoderate required workplace adjustments.  Requirements to be different locations for authoritative business, oregon enactment successful different MOD office, volition besides number towards this level of attendance. Applicants tin petition further accusation regarding however this whitethorn enactment successful their squad from the Vacancy Holder (see advert for interaction details). Defence Business Services cannot respond to immoderate questions astir moving arrangements. 

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Job description

  • Assist the UNIX Technical Team Leader (C1) to enactment UNIX infrastructure, SAN & backup enactment and guidance successful accordance with agreed work level agreements (SLAs). This station requires tract attendance astatine Tomlinson House (Norcross) connected a hybrid moving ground moving successful a accepted bureau abstraction and moving remotely from location portion of the time.
  • Provide hands-on time to time method enactment for chiefly CP&F and each Finance/Civ Pers associated systems. This relation volition assistance the UNIX Technical Lead with work for Dev/Test/Live Finance/Civ Pers systems astatine Abbey Wood and Corsham. Assisting connected each ITMS UNIX Infrastructure wrong the bounds of the Service Level Agreements.
  • Provide UNIX cognition and enactment erstwhile required.
  • Ensure work availability of each "live", improvement & DR environments arsenic dictated by SLA and guarantee these environments are gathering the expectations of extremity users, grounds and log each infrastructure issues and guarantee associated actions taken to resoluteness the contented are besides documented connected Remedy.
  • Possess sufficiently heavy and wide specializer method skills to measure and nonstop the method absorption of the infrastructure connected which the systems are run. Deliver strategy alteration and enhancements approved by RFCI changes by agreed targets to see appraisal of alteration requests and transportation of solution erstwhile approved.
  • Resolve analyzable method issues arising.
  • Act arsenic UNIX constituent of contact, helping projects with strategy plan and specification erstwhile required.
  • Provide input into immoderate caller task that requires UNIX proposal and assistance make plans arsenic necessary. Help plan and instrumentality caller instrumentality arsenic portion of remediation project. E.g., server replacement task and systems remediation.
  • Support UNIX engagement regarding designs/builds for projects.
  • Support UNIX enactment with immoderate SAAS interface enactment required for migration to the cloud, planned day 2026.

This presumption is advertised astatine 37 hours per week.

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