Deputy General Manager Business Development

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Job Description

Deputy General Manager Business Development

Our Client is simply a Global organisation with aggregate businesses.

They are looking to enlistee a Deputy General Manager with Business Development expertise with astatine slightest 7 to 10years acquisition of processing concern successful Automotive, Railway oregon Construction Machinery.

This relation is to chiefly make caller concern wrong the Automotive, Railway and Construction Machinery Project Department ("Mobility Business Dept. I") and enactment General Manager.

The relation volition besides impact managing and guiding different members of unit accordingly.

Key Responsibilities:

Grasp the marketplace trend, authorities argumentation and competitors/players (candidate of the partner) question successful the country of greenish and caller mobility services ("RRGreen/New Mobility Service area), specified arsenic integration of railway and automotive, delivering doorway to doorway mobility service, leveraging IT technology, to comply with the varied passenger's requirement

Determine and question concern opportunities successful Green/New Mobility Service country (including subordinated/ancillary services thereto)

Identify and create/develop caller concern successful Green/New Mobility Service country (including subordinated/ancillary services thereto)

Manage and prolong relationships with cardinal stakeholders wrong the Green/New Mobility Service country (including subordinated/ancillary services thereto) successful worldwide regions, particularly successful UK and Europe

Identify and make caller concern wrong the section arsenic good arsenic actively encouraging collaborative concern with different related departments, specified arsenic Project Dept., Energy Dept., Chemical Dept. successful Europe, but not constricted to.

Assist and enactment General Manager of Mobility Business Dept. I, including creating of fiscal readying of the department, squad task allocation and absorption and monthly enactment reports arsenic good arsenic assistance of drafting concern plan/budget of the department

Develop a affirmative squad tone and to support/teach inferior members of the team.

Self-improvement arsenic good arsenic good acceptable an illustration of others and mentor others connected the value of attraction to item and facilitate others to make and lick problems

Be alert of Company HQ vision, strategy, targets, numbers and objectives successful bid to execute aforesaid goals

Comprehend the IT knowledge, basal method aspects of plus finance, firm concern and task finance


Internal stakeholders, customers, suppliers and Company Subsidiaries

Mobility Business Dept. I and each different related concern departments

HQ Business Teams (Passenger Transportation Business Div. and else)

Skills / Knowledge:

  • Fundamental cognition of task absorption principles
  • Ability to pass efficaciously some orally and successful penning successful English - and ideally if you person Japanese connection skills.
  • Ideally knowing of Japanese and European concern cultures
  • Knowledge of cardinal declaration absorption
  • Numeracy and the quality to make an analytical attack to solving problems
  • Effective presumption and dialog skills
  • Educated up to grade level and imaginable nonrecreational oregon post-graduate qualifications

This is an breathtaking caller relation for with this Global Client.

The Client is based successful St Pauls London.

Salary for this relation volition beryllium successful the scope £70K - £80K positive Benefits.

Pleased bash nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with your wage and availability.