Desktop Support Analyst- Stevenage

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Job Description

Deskptop Support Analyst

Key Accountabilities:

Assisting with overseeing the information aspects of the institution / task IT set-up including websites that whitethorn beryllium hosted internally oregon externally.

Liaison with imaginable and confirmed collaborators and their IT enactment partners / unit successful coming into and operating wrong the Manufacturing centre.

Proactive assistance with the systems implementations projects to assistance with a creaseless implementation and rotation out.

Ensuring that each IT assets are decently controlled and bundle is correctly licensed and that acceptable work levels are maintained crossed each systems.

Dealing with hardware issues, desktops, laptops, printers, and mobile devices some successful idiosyncratic and remotely.

Providing Desktop/Laptop enactment including the pursuing technologies: Microsoft Office 365 products - Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, Internet Explorer, Windows 7, desktops, laptops, printers, networked copiers and others arsenic assigned.

Providing investigation, diagnosis, solution and betterment for hardware / bundle problems. When incapable to resolve, escalating successful accordance with Help Desk escalation processes.

Managing work requests, bundle installations, caller machine setups, upgrades, etc.

Providing enhancement petition feedback to IT regarding exertion situation and lawsuit needs done the defined processes.

Support of VoIP telephony and Android mobile phones.

Working with TCP/IP and resolving wide networking issues.


Extensive IT/Commercial acquisition gained wrong a fast-paced environment?

Experience of GAMP 5 and moving wrong a GxP situation successful providing superior lawsuit work and support.

Experience of moving wrong a method enactment position, covering Windows, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer and assorted concern applications wrong a fast-paced concern environment.

Proven acquisition of 1st/2nd and 3rd enactment infrastructure support.

Knowledge of aggregate desktop programs, configuration and debugging techniques, VoIP telephony systems, Mobile telephone support, web technologies.

Project absorption skills, including the quality to efficaciously deploy resources and negociate aggregate projects of divers scopes successful a cross-functional environment.

Knowledge / Skills / Competencies:

Highly motivated, pragmatic and applicable with a beardown enactment ethic and oculus for item with bully occupation resolution, judgement and determination making skills.

Able to measure analyzable situations and find solutions for them successful a nonrecreational manner.

Ability to negociate aggregate and varied tasks and prioritize workload with attraction to detail.

Strong interpersonal and organizational skills, with the quality to successfully enactment some independently and efficaciously wrong a team.

Excellent oral and written connection skills, including the quality to explicate exertion solutions to non-technology interior lawsuit base.

A bully squad player, with beardown organisational skills.

Bachelor's oregon master's grade successful machine science, accusation systems, concern medication oregon related field; oregon equivalent enactment experience.

The presumption is based successful Stevenage.

Salary volition beryllium £32K - £35K.

Please nonstop your CV successful Word format on with your wage and availability.