DevOps Developer

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Job Description

Years of applicable experience

5+ years

Education Level

Bachelor's Degree

Career Level

Experienced (Non-Manager)

DevOps Developer

We are presently seeking a DevOPS Developer technologist to instrumentality connected the work of the Systems Administration role/department.

The perfect campaigner volition person a minimum of 5 years commercial acquisition of managing ample and divers systems with a specialism and absorption towards LAMP based systems.

This is simply a fantastic accidental for an experienced DevOPS to articulation our expanding team, managing our servers.

You indispensable person show tuning acquisition with Linux (preferably Centos 6.X), Apache 2.X, MySQL 5.X and PHP 5.X.


We presently make and big a bespoke precocious show e-commerce level connected behalf of our established clients. Server setups alteration from azygous dedicated servers to a load-balanced web nodes with database active-passive cluster. The infrastructure is managed hosting with 2 providers and implicit 30 servers.

What You Will Be Doing:

The palmy campaigner volition reactively and proactively negociate and show the infrastructure and guarantee immoderate issues are investigated successful a timely mode either archetypal manus oregon delegated to the hosting supplier depending connected the priority/severity of the issue. Based successful Central London and reporting to the Tech Director, the DevOPS volition enactment adjacent with the improvement squad to guarantee a dynamic, robust, and scalable infrastructure to enactment our platform, 'Aurora'.

On a regular ground you volition beryllium liable for the creaseless moving of Aurora Commerce accumulation and improvement servers

What You Need for this Position:

Required Technologies with show tuning acquisition :

  • Linux - preferably Centos 6.X
  • Apache 2.X
  • MySQL 5.X
  • PHP5.X

Required Skills :

*Solid Linux systems engineering/administration experience

*At slightest 5 years acquisition moving successful a precocious traffic, accumulation web based environment

*Experience with 24/7 Linux based web operations environment

*A bully knowing of:

  • HTTP and HTTPS
  • DNS
  • TCP/IP Networking principles
  • Firewalls rules and configuration
  • Experience of virtualisation technologies and virtualisation absorption (KVM, VMware, AWS)

*Strong verbal and written communications skills. These see proficiency successful documentation, and creating policies, procedures, and standards

Advantageous but Not Essential (nice to have):

  • Varnish
  • Memcached
  • Redis
  • Sphinx
  • SVN
  • Redhat Clustering
  • GFS
  • NFS

Salary volition beryllium successful the scope £40K - £55K

Please nonstop your CV successful Word format, on with your wage and availability details.