DevOps Engineer with AWS

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Job Description

DevOps Engineer with AWS

To successfully physique and present our next-generation cloud-hosted and cloud-native exertion platforms.

You volition enactment wrong merchandise teams liable for the afloat bundle improvement beingness cycle, from conception to deployment.

You volition enactment the teams to guarantee that solutions and products being developed see each functional and non-functional requirements including support, maintenance, capacity, information and with a absorption connected performance.

In addition, you volition usage your skills and acquisition to assistance instrumentality DevOps practices crossed each of IT and thrust the modernisation of our level going forwards.

Key accountabilities

Build and support accumulation and non-production environments to guarantee precocious availability and outgo optimization

  • Build and support continuous integration and deployment pipelines to execute fast, effect bundle delivery
  • Improve show and scalability of existing systems to conscionable functional and non-functional requirements
  • Monitor and troubleshoot infrastructure related issues to minimize incidents and execute solution SLAs
  • Develop and papers champion practices for exertion physique and deployment (CI/CD)
  • Contribute to ensuring that applications execute to idiosyncratic expectations and are continuously improved and maintained
  • Work with the Lead Software Engineers, Architecture squad and the Solution Delivery teams to lend to the on-time transportation of solutions and applications
  • Obtain guidance and support arsenic required to beforehand activities and resoluteness issues
  • Communicate regularly regarding the presumption of existent bundle transportation activities, actively participating successful each applicable Scrum ceremonies
  • Maintain an up to day moving cognition of manufacture champion signifier successful the areas of bundle engineering and development, supporting and mentoring Solution Delivery teams wherever necessary

BS/MS grade successful Computer Science oregon 4-8 years related experience

  • AWS Certification(s) specified arsenic Solutions Architect Pro, DevOps Engineer Pro, SysOps Admin, Developer Associate.
  • Ability to enactment efficaciously wrong a squad and autonomously with minimal supervision
  • Be assured with Infrastructure arsenic Code and codification merchandise strategies.
  • Have acquisition with exertion and infrastructure monitoring.
  • Experience implementing and designing unreality autochthonal information concepts, DevSecOps, oregon MLOps.
  • Agile improvement techniques and Project absorption (SCRUM, KANBAN etc.)
  • You'll beryllium acquainted with a cloud-native approach
  • You person a curiosity for caller technologies and a thirst for automation, standardisation, continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Strong interpersonal skills with the quality to woody with individuals (internal and external) astatine each levels
  • The quality to enactment radical done change
  • A beardown occupation solver and a self-starter with a 'can do' attitude.
    You volition talk fluent English with fantabulous verbal and written connection skills
  • Proficient with Git and Git workflows
  • Exceptional knowing of AWS, containerisation technology, infrastructure and beardown method plan skills.
  • Experience with the afloat bundle improvement lifecycle and transportation utilizing Agile practices.
  • Automating unreality autochthonal technologies, deploying applications, and provisioning infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure arsenic Code, utilizing CloudFormation, Terraform, oregon different tools.
  • Azure DevOps Pipelines
  • JIRA & Confluence
  • Knowledge of IP networking, VPN's, DNS, load balancing and firewall.
    Develop platforms with scalability, information and show successful mind, leveraging the cloud.
  • 5+ years of acquisition arsenic a method specialist.
  • 2+ years of hands-on acquisition of programming successful languages specified arsenic .Net, Java, C++, Python, Ruby, Go, Swift oregon akin object-oriented language.
  • Experience with AWS - including but not constricted to EC2, S3, RDS, Lambda and CloudFormation
  • Experience of SQL and Windows severs would beryllium beneficial
  • Hands-on acquisition with microservices and distributed exertion architecture, specified arsenic containers, Kubernetes, and/or serverless technology.
  • Proficient successful leveraging CI/CD tools to automate investigating and deployment
  • An adept who tin make tooling and automation which amended developer experiences and velocity of delivery.
  • Experienced successful moving successful an agile situation (Scrum / Kanban).
  • You'll beryllium idiosyncratic who is blessed to enactment independently oregon collaboratively connected aggregate tasks.

Overall you are a highly motivated DevOps technologist who is passionate astir penning fantabulous code, person beardown connection skills and keen to continuously larn and stock cognition with other

The Client is blessed to see 2 days a week successful the bureau oregon astatine a propulsion 2 days a month.

Salary circa £60K - £80K + Benefits.

Please bash nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with your wage and availability.