DevOps Senior Operations Engineer

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Job Description

DevOps Senior Operations Engineer

Our Client is looking to enlistee a Senior DevOps Engineer with astatine slightest 5 to 7 years expertise.

They are a young talented squad gathering the adjacent procreation video advertizing platform.

The cardinal intent of this relation is focused connected improvement successful the capableness of improvements to the systems and operational situation by scripting, automation oregon gathering of tools.

There are respective cardinal areas that necessitate changeless development:

   •   Automation - Enhancements to the automation physique process. Enhancements are continuously added to the basal repository arsenic good arsenic additions of caller technologies.

   •   Scripting and Tools - There are galore processes, tasks that tin beryllium made easier utilizing scripts oregon customized designed tools successful a managed services environment.

We are looking for idiosyncratic with cognition of networking and storage, virtualization and operating systems, arsenic good arsenic bully cognition of the Architecture broadside of the role.

Ideal skills and acquisition - what are you bringing to the party?

   •   Experience moving successful operations - making definite the wheels are greased and the vessel is humming along

   •   Automation, Packaging, Deployments (Custom Hypervisor, Puppet, Git, scripting, CI services)

   •   Source Code mentation power systems: Git & SVN

   •   Monitoring: NewRelic, PagerDuty, etc

   •   Programming Languages: Bash, PHP, GoLang

   •   Virtualisation: We person a customized hypervisor (ZPF) but things similar VMWare ESXi/KVM/oVirt/RHEV

   •   Classics: Apache, MySQL, Redis, Varnish

   •   Logstash & Elasticsearch

   •   Networking (switching, routing, firewalls, IDS/IPS, VPN, load balancing, DNS, Cisco, F5, Akamai)

   •   Multi unreality setup - AWS, Digital Ocean, Rackspace, Linode etc

   •   DNS, NTP, SMTP, Jenkins

   •   A coagulated inheritance successful Linux System Administration

Functions and responsibilities

This is simply a dynamic and varied role, which includes things like:

   •   Build, deployment and attraction of caller and existing environments

   •   Designing and maintaining highly disposable architectures

   •   Security (patch management, vulnerability scanning & monitoring)

   •   Uptime - plan and support the systems and networking for uptime, resilience, architecting for failure.

   •   Evaluation of new, cutting-edge technologies to assistance amended concern processes and streamline

   •   Develop highly-available, scalable, robust systems and instrumentality ownership of problems arsenic they occur

   •   Undertake ad-hoc retired of concern hours enactment for occasional method support

The wage for this relation volition beryllium successful the scope £60K - £80K.

Please nonstop your CV to america successful Word format.