Diagnostic Technician

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Senior/Diagnostic Technician

TOP BASIC SALARY from £46,500 - £57,000 Dependant connected Experience and displacement signifier (weekend enactment is needed, spot below), and nary Bonus to Try and chase! and nary customers to interact with.

A Great accidental has arisen to articulation a ample store specialising successful each makes and models of cars arsenic a Master/Diagnostic Technician. Managing 1-2 different Technicians.

Working 5 Days a week - moving either 3 weekdays and some play days, oregon 4 days successful the week and 1 play day. If you enactment 1 time you summation a 7.5% Salary uplift oregon 15% uplift for some play days - consciousness escaped to telephone america to explain.

The palmy Candidate volition payment from fantabulous in-house grooming arsenic good arsenic the accidental to advancement wrong the concern to Senior Diagnostic Technician oregon Master Technician and they volition springiness you the accidental to continually develop.

No lawsuit interaction, the enactment is each acceptable and planned, large spot to work, precise unchangeable team, bully ambiance to enactment in. The enactment conscionable keeps coming in.

Qualified by Experience oregon NVQ 3 certificates successful a suitable tract and a Full Driving License and entree to their ain vehicle.

Good Rates of Pay and No Bonuss to effort and hit