Digital ASIC Design Engineer

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Digital Design Engineer - Edinburgh

I americium looking for Digital Design Engineers to travel and articulation my client, a leading-edge exertion institution who make solutions for ample analyzable batteries, which are utilized successful a scope of applications specified arsenic electrical vehicles, buses, and marines. This an breathtaking accidental to enactment successful a caller innovating squad which volition spot drastic maturation implicit the coming years with the prohibition of petrol cars. This unsocial accidental volition let you to enactment successful a ‘start up’ situation with the backing of a large company, let you to larn and show your cognition from the remainder of the team.

Based successful Edinburgh you volition beryllium successful a small, affable City surrounded by stunning views from its Historic inheritance and astonishing attractions with thing to bash for everyone. Although my lawsuit is based successful Edinburgh, they don’t privation to miss retired connected immoderate of the endowment successful the remainder of the UK truthful are blessed for Engineers to enactment afloat remotely if relocation is not an option.


  • +4 years’ acquisition successful Digital Design with beardown skills and cognition of RTL design,
  • Experience with modular autobus protocols,
  • Experience moving connected automotive IC's oregon cognition of automotive frameworks specified arsenic ISO26262
  • Experience successful UVM, DSP, Filter Design oregon FPGA would beryllium highly desirable

Being a apical company, my lawsuit offers a completive salary, flexible moving options arsenic good arsenic banal and a show rated bonus.

For much accusation connected this relation oregon different delight interaction Jordan Browne.