Digital Chip Architect

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Based successful Paris, this is an accidental for a Digital Chip Architect to articulation an expanding fabless Semiconductor institution processing fascinating spot exertion for abstraction and aerospace applications.

Our lawsuit is accelerated becoming a world-leader successful the aerospace sector, providing best-in-class SoC-FPGA solutions. They question a Digital Chip Architect to thrust improvement of integer IPs to beryllium integrated successful the integer portion of SoC FPGAs. This volition beryllium a precise influential role, successful which the Digital Chip Architect volition ain each architectural aspects of plan and development, and collaborate with the RTL and FPGA plan teams passim the full merchandise improvement process.


  • University oregon Engineering School grade successful Electronic Engineering, oregon similar
  • Extensive acquisition wrong integer ASIC/FPGA plan and architecture
  • Expertise wrong VHDL / Verilog
  • An quality to construe precocious level architecture requirements into microarchitecture
  • Excellent teamwork ability

You volition bask moving wrong a small, experienced squad which has a precise friendly, affirmative atmosphere, collaborative environment, and fantabulous prospects for semipermanent vocation growth.

For details, delight interaction Caroline Pye.